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Benton 254 Sep 2019
I never knew how to get to you
I never knew how this could best fit
I never had clue what was
But I need to shoot my shot no matter how blind the night will be
I could be glad if it saw some light
So I decide to write a letter...
May be now I could reach n search n find the words that fit perfectly, though so light,
In this words I'll speak my intentions and more
I would like to see the future in this but Imma keep it close
I see forth the benefits of this
So I search for words careful not to spark contrary to my motive
Neither spare to be regarded irrelevant
Less words will be straight but the heart is not In consensus with brain
So I'm find a way to listen to both
My Heart likes your kindness but brains goes for  your Wit
Heart likes the sync in your heart when you are around
The brain thinks you're sarcastic and fun
"I Like You."
So I'm keep it short.
All said...
Benton 254 Sep 2019
Lay down the plans for the future
Future I'm into and I embrace it
A good vision is to exploit
Dreams so real I mistake for de ja vuu
Look all up in the sky and it looks good
Keep my face up the sun and the shadows fall back
So, I'm keep my eyes to the sky
Plans He only knows when and where
But Imma keep the hope
Walk with dignity and not erase the foot steps
I'm a soldier of wars
Wars I won and I never knew how or when.
A good Hope is to keep,
A good life is to dream,
A better life is to hope.
Benton 254 Jun 2019
I put down my fears every now and then.
Post them on my wall may be to speak to them.
To speak to themselves so as to speak to me.
Speech to them while speaking to self,
Glue it on the wall for passers-by to get a glipse, sympathize then walk away: customary.
Written all over my faces for the expressions that I feel.
Nurse the scars whilst alone.
Have that smiley face mask for the turn up.
The brain thinks, the heart saddens the smile, dries the lips and drains the tears
Seek friendship, drown into lonliness and carry the long weight await.
Stub self for the care that I took for them to feel at home
Wripped my shoulder when it was up for grabs
Treat their hearts good but their minds quicker to forget
Only came forth when their souls were up for sale..
Everyone has a refugee camp, an escaping plan or a must do when in the betrayed emotions. Stick to your escapes.
Benton 254 Jun 2019
How could I tell water formation is not science bt Gods plan
That I woke up not special
That I fight not my plan
That I wore victory not mine
Killed all including my clan
Source victory that never was
Sore wounds that came out of sacrifice
Killed for them
But wat of my memories I ask..
Demons keep hunting me deep
Souls keep hunting me steel
Shallow sleep be my resentment
Only I fear their wrath
For deep sleep is loosing
Mercy wasn't for them
Faith shallow than desert rivers
Bur never seemed to have an option
Speak to the realms to set me free
Talk to reality
Chains too tight I can't talk...
Like _god of war_
Am caged in the battlefields for eternity.
Don't take #sacrifices for them..their #demons n lost souls will haunt You to #Eternity.
Benton 254 Jun 2019
Feed into the dogs the flesh of hope
Stumble on little pieces of peace at hand
Crush onto thee feet that steps softs
Fight like underdogs unleashed
Lights out and darkness came
One light reflective
And a thousand stars
Fight to be true because weak is wicked
Jab to demons that hardly knew the souls to keep
And those to **** instant without jury.
Got all to ask, but this are just nightless thoughts at sleep.
I mean this are just sleeples thoughts at night.
Good souls to keep
Benton 254 Jun 2019
Woke up to the old world i knew
Nothing changed from  the old to new
That world that had:
The killers who killed with passion
The patriots who  lived n die fighting for their nation
The egoistic who stamped their chest for having their perception.
Those clever enough to call others fools
Clads and look cool
Those that thought had loved enough to think of others only hating
Those friends that cared only for benefiting
The love birds that made a world out of shambles, mistakes and imperfections
Those preachers that taught us how to vote
Those politicians who teaches us to pray
A lost world that always  seems familiar
To its core that breeds jealousy and love and hatred.... Bt those that loved true never lack though the most hurt by it....
#Love and #Hate has the same intensity
Benton 254 Jun 2019
She went down on her knees clueless and prayed to heavens; if it existed, that assissination thoughts don't clog her intentions to live, seeing the faces of the people who turned against her.
That being she called dad for years turned into beast, the women she loved to heart just turned untrustworthy, now society is all judging for the product of ****** she carries. To whom will she run to, dreams smashed into the walls of pain and deceit from those monsters, she thought and wept bitterly.
#Lost #***** #betrayed
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