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Benton 254 Nov 2019
It was easy to lie
It was easy to tell off and die
Sorrows but happiness was the plate to dine on
Dine into the cold the world curved me to ever be
It was easy to tell off but lie not
It was easy to sad off and smile
Smile from the faces of death, a friend, so I embrace it
It wasn't easy to go down on my knees and pray
It was easy to throw my faith into the dungeons for the prey
Fight back my misfortunes that I lay
Succeed and call it luck.
It wasn't easy
To lack and **** at everything I touch,
To let off this feelings and get hard
Numb from the pain felt because this pain wasn't gain
To feel the loss now that I never thought It could be, me
To fill this trash can with pieces that each sentence never satisfied
Each word that flashed so fast not to contemplate the goodness of it
Rogue and write never brought peace
Smile and dine never filled the stomach
Hard and fcku never felt in the womb...
It was easy to say, it wasn't easy to feel
Waiting to surprise like a tick tock bomb
Pleasure to **** the smile in their faces
Surpass their innocence with guilt
Stumble on their hearts never to see the goodness of it....
The hard things we find easy to do, the smooth things we find hard to do, never understood how or it worked that way...
Benton 254 Oct 2019
It took long to realize how uneven the scores got
Lost you to gain more, I thought.
But the intention wasn't to replace:I've tried
Was easy at first bt your departure left a void the rest failed to fill 
I was certain the loss wasn't loosing 
Bt their eyes stare and I'm scared
The walls you built around are crumbling down
Those attachments we were bound by faded
Left too early for me to realise the reasons for those wall, leave alone its importance 
I now feel lost for the addictions I fight hard to ascertain
Ascertaining that I'm bound to anything and the things I'm now made of...
I'm loosing the battles we set forth, but for the honor of your departure I'm keep the fight..
Spread the seed U've planted over years..
Hope this won't live me in tears
For the memories I hold and fears
Fears that Imma loose more than those mere impacts I once thought...
Rest In Peace old friend.
#losr #friend
Benton 254 Sep 2019
Angels in the city
Angels that fly high in sky
Save those on cries n pity
Feathered white
With black outlines...

Fly thru clouds with little light
Thru storms with little life
Keep my head high in the clouds
Whilst My feet stumbled on the ground
Benton 254 Sep 2019
I fall into a pool full of liqour and in it am drunk drown
Intricates me,though not to death.
Can't call for help,
My feet stuck between the corals underneath,
And I learn to coexist rather than fight back.
To breath life inside it and I embrace it.
Like a speeding train I cant jump off
Like a tik tok time bomb I already stepped on,
I burn from withing
Poetry ice cold for my resentment.
Benton 254 Sep 2019
I have a beauty and a sense I treasure
Already found the perfect way to express pleasure
I look deep into my soul for eternity
For the profound guilt that I host in smile;
I look upon the transformation and I smile
Found friends and allies
Those that lied but I knew and I smiled
Burn from within but put that mask in hide
Its too much to pay attention
Smile before it got all expensive
Smile before the time comes and kneel on their knees asking for forgiveness
Smile cause that's what I learned first before words
Thank God for another day
Smile cause He assured of a brighter days
Smile cause joy cometh in the morning
It's profound to smile, they says it makes the face more beautiful than the sunset, even if found in guilt, I suggest you smile
Benton 254 Sep 2019
The sun set and the light came
The rays rouse from the ground where it lay
Kissed the skin not yet pale
Woke up new from the old dreams
Chasing life in fantasy of the dreams last night
That had balled and life was just a mere disturbance
The reality strikes hard
This time no exception
In rules of life get hard or go home
It is just another day to find happines in shumbles
Smile to the sky, shine light on your face
Love life, be kind
Be mine and never leap to leave
Benton 254 Sep 2019
I never knew how to get to you
I never knew how this could best fit
I never had clue what was
But I need to shoot my shot no matter how blind the night will be
I could be glad if it saw some light
So I decide to write a letter...
May be now I could reach n search n find the words that fit perfectly, though so light,
In this words I'll speak my intentions and more
I would like to see the future in this but Imma keep it close
I see forth the benefits of this
So I search for words careful not to spark contrary to my motive
Neither spare to be regarded irrelevant
Less words will be straight but the heart is not In consensus with brain
So I'm find a way to listen to both
My Heart likes your kindness but brains goes for  your Wit
Heart likes the sync in your heart when you are around
The brain thinks you're sarcastic and fun
"I Like You."
So I'm keep it short.
All said...
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