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Oct 2019 · 90
It is Time...
Ben Estrada Oct 2019
Together we'd laugh, together we'd cry,
With each other, we'd never be shy.
Saying goodbye
Was the hardest thing to do.
I never thought I would,
Especially not to you.

Farewell words too often part
And cleave with sorrow to aching hearts.
With a final wave, all disappears
Beneath the hush of silent tears

But it’s time I spread these wings and fly
Hello Poetry… This is Goodbye
it's been real, and it's been fun...
in fact it's been really fun.
Oct 2019 · 58
Me, Myself, and Us
Ben Estrada Oct 2019
A person who thinks all the time
Has nothing to think about except thoughts
So... he loses touch with reality
And lives in a world of illusions
By thoughts I mean specifically, Chatter in the skull
Perpetual and compulsive repetition
of words, of reckoning and calculating
I'm not saying that thinking is bad
Like everything else
It's useful in moderation
A good servant, but a bad master
And all civilized peoples
Have increasingly become crazy and self destructive
Because through excessive thinking
They have lost touch with reality
That to say...
We confuse signs
With the real world...
This is the beginning of destruction
Most of us would have
Rather money than intangible wealth
And a great occasion is somehow spoiled for us unless photographed
And to read about it the next day in the newspaper
Is oddly more fun for us than the original event
This is a disaster...
For as a result of confusing the real world of nature with mere signs
We are destroying nature
We are so ******* in our minds that we've lost our senses
It's Time to wake up
What is reality?
Obviously... no one can say
Because it isn't words
It isn't material, that's just an idea
Reality is...
The point cannot be explained in words
Im not trying to put you down
It's an expression of you as you are
We must not only strive to survive...
We must live.
- I
Ben Estrada Sep 2019
You taught me there are no accidents.
You taught me to keep a cool head.
You taught me to defend my friends.
You taught me to just keep swimming.
You taught me to trust my instincts.
You taught me run to danger, not away.
You taught me that knowledge isn't wisdom.
You taught me to believe in ghosts.
you taught me not to judge appearence.
You taught me to stand up for the weak.
You taught me that I can make things better.

Thanks guys...
Sep 2019 · 97
Alien Heart
Ben Estrada Sep 2019
Subatomic sweet nothings
Gullible, easy, Earthlings
Dates way up above
Proton laser love
Watch the passing UFO
Don't the stars look beautiful?
Embarrassed by the way I acted
Whenever I whisper [REDACTED]
Do you like me for who I am?
Or do you want to put my brain in a can?
You can have it because I never want to be apart,
From your alien heart...
Watch, it's in my DNA.
Aug 2019 · 102
What is wrong?!
Ben Estrada Aug 2019
What is wrong with me?
I've tried so hard to make this work,
but . every . single . time . It happens.
I'm so tired of this pattern.
I just want something to work.
Why does giving up have to be so difficult?!
I want to just settle down, and let it happen.
Aug 2019 · 36
Ben Estrada Aug 2019
It's been a minute. Have you missed me?
I'm jumping back in it, as you can see.
I thought poetry was dumb, kinda still do,
but ya boy is back, and I'm starting a new.
Happy, sad, outrageous, you name it, I'm picking up slack.
Straight out of hiding, the Chameleon King is Back.
and ready for more
Apr 2019 · 67
I miss you...
Ben Estrada Apr 2019
I know we haven't seen each other... or even talked in a while.... but I want you to know that I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I want you to know that, I miss you. Not "I regret what happened" or
"I want to see you again" just... I miss you. It's so strange to think that someone I knew so well is now a total stranger to me, and sometimes I go full days without thinking about you, most of the time, I let myself forget... because it's easy. But then I find something, a photo, a gift, those stupid poems I used to write, and the full weight of what's been lost crashes down on me. Part of me wants to see you again, to hold you again, to dance with you again, all those feelings become empty thoughts. When I look back now and I know that love isn't all that it seems, it's so easy to forget, but this isn't regret. I had my reason for leaving, and it's as valid as ever, but at the start, I didn't need a reason to fall in love, I just did. the reasons came at the end and everything since then has been about reasons and that's good, it means one day I'll find someone I won't have to say goodbye to but a part of me misses loving someone and having that someone love me back. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope things are good with you, I hope everything is great, I hope you found love that's everything ours could never be. But a small part of me hopes that you still remember what it was like before the reasons... and that...
you miss me too...
Apr 2019 · 117
S stands for...
Ben Estrada Apr 2019
A Soldier still fighting for home...
A Scientist still seeking knowledge...
A Story still being written....
A Steel beam still being bent...
A Soul still needing help...
a Superman still looking for Lois...

... Well here it stands for silly
Apr 2019 · 199
Ben Estrada Apr 2019
sitting in my dorm
my roommate working on a project
I'm reading a book as I listen to music
I go to work at 5 a.m. tomorrow
but I get to work with a friend, so it's ok
the semester's nearly over
summer's nearly here
funny how time does that thing...
I haven't stargazed in a bit...
maybe I'll do that.

thanks M
Apr 2019 · 54
Ben Estrada Apr 2019
Fell out of the sky, from a distant world,
upon great power and responsibility hurled.
Head in the clouds, hands on the plow,
to fly so far away and thinking about how.
Listening for the soft subtle sound,
leaping tall buildings in a single bound.
With so much vision, just being transparent,
incognito, not-so-apparent.
Behind these glasses, this shirt, and this tie
is someone who would rather live in the sky.
A good hero must first be a good man, and I strive to be.
The "S" first stands for Smallville, and that's fine with me.
Mar 2019 · 101
Ben Estrada Mar 2019
Tis the human touch in this world that counts,
the touch of your hand with mine,
which means far more to this fainting heart
than shelter and bread and wine.

For shelter is gone when the night is over,
and bread lasts only a day;
but the touch of the hand and the sound of your voice
sings on in my soul alway.

The easiest way to get someone to want something is to tell them they can't have it.
Mar 2019 · 46
"Bless the Rains"
Ben Estrada Mar 2019
There are many places in need,
places where sin and malice feed.
Will I sit and fret in selfish greed,
or not take any rest until all are freed?
Those before me have sowed the seed,
now I am what those people need.

I'll bless the rains down in Africa...
Mar 2019 · 240
"Passing all Understanding"
Ben Estrada Mar 2019
Wow, will you look at this guy's stuff?
Dang, that's really depressing...

Anyhoo, let me introduce myself,
I'm this guy from the future.
Weird right? Well, anything is possible at this point.

So, until recently my life was falling apart,
I was gonna get kicked out of college,
my friends stopped hanging out with me,
the girl I had a crush on started dating my friend,
and I had lost sight of my purpose...

                                          But...(ooh I like wait)

Just a few words were spoken,
a few words that will echo throughout eternity.

I've regained sight of my purpose
without being able to see it.
My path has been set,
and I have no clue where.
It's crazy to those who don't understand
but they don't have to
not understand I mean.
Anyone can find their purpose,
you just need to know where to look.

I lost it, but boy am I thankful I found it again...
This truly is the peace that passes all understanding.
Mar 2019 · 446
Ben Estrada Mar 2019
What do you do when she's all you've ever wanted,
When her hair shines like the sun,
When you can't look her in the eyes
because you might not be able to ever look away,
When she cares so much for anyone she meets,
When she can make a comedian laugh,
When she is the Lucy to my Ricky,
The Lois to my Clark,
When she's the spitfire that won't let me get away with anything,
When you feel like every time she smiles...
Everything is ok..?

What do you do...
When the girl of your dreams is dating someone else?
the night that brought Superman to his knees...
Mar 2019 · 39
"Have no Thought"
Ben Estrada Mar 2019
Thoughts that aide me, thoughts that plague me.
When foes assail me and friends betray me.
Have no thought on what has been,
what will come,
or what your life is.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
But Today is a gift...

That's why it's called the present.

Mar 2019 · 36
Ben Estrada Mar 2019
In a sea of utter confusion,
I have a landmark.
No matter how hard the wind blows,
The mountain does not bow.
A point that can not be shaken,
No matter how much I tremble.
All good things,
Come to those who wait.
Feb 2019 · 199
"Doc's orders"
Ben Estrada Feb 2019
"Find your own little spitfire,
one who won't let you get away with nothin"
                                                     ­                         - Kent Nelson
Feb 2019 · 992
Ben Estrada Feb 2019
I'm not a morning person by any means,
but anything can be done with the right motivation.
It's rough but I can handle it,
5:00 isn't "too" early.
I'll tell you what, it's amazing the human conscience,
left in autopilot it can shower, brush teeth, and even get dressed.
It snowed this morning, well, there was like 3 flakes but it counts.
Why do I do this to myself? I could do literally anything else...
like sleep...
I don't even eat, curse this body and it's intolerance,
I just drink apple juice and eat a kiwi.
But I guess it could be worse,
some people put yogurt in their cheerios.

"Why do you even go to breakfast?" you ask...

...I don't know
Feb 2019 · 40
"What's left"
Ben Estrada Feb 2019
I started out with more than most
not so much to where I'd boast.
But I had one once, something I could give,
something that I knew I'd want to live.
But I lost a piece here and lost a piece there,
little by little, didn't matter who, didn't matter where.
I don't have as much as I did, there's not much at all.
There's hardly anything there, it's gotten so small.
But I pray you'll still want it, after all that theft.
All I can give you is all of what's left.
Feb 2019 · 91
Ben Estrada Feb 2019
It hurts so much not knowing what to do.
That's why I just decided to ask you.
You've seen so much, and though most was all bad,
You were willing to give the advice that you had.
I told you my story, then you told me yours.
We talked for a while, of the ones we adored.
But through all my confusion, through all my fear,
You gave me exactly what I needed to hear.

Thanks Bestie
Feb 2019 · 127
"Feathers and Fins"
Ben Estrada Feb 2019
I was made to serve.
That is the duty of angels,
And you better believe the job isn't easy.
we fight, protect, direct, but most of all we sing.
I know that comes as a surprise, heaven's warriors greatest responsibility is making melody,
but it is what I love most about my job.
When the hosts lift our voices, it sounds of mighty trumpets and sweet bells all at once, it's beautiful.
Ours is certainly a great honor as well as responsibility
and I wouldn't trade it for the heavens,
but like I said, it's not easy.
Angels have quite a few things we must consider lest we fail,
demons, evil men, and the tremendous pressure are all things we struggle with, just like men, it is possible for us to fall.
Many of my brothers suffered the fate worse than death, so many deceived or tempted. I miss them.
Micheal tells us we must stay strong, he is truly a great leader,
but often times I am troubled by a certain dilemma on creation.
We angels are sent to protect mankind, from supernatural terrors that might try and attack them.
One certain kind of terror has been giving me problems for the past thousand years... Sirens.
Cunning, deceptive, alluring scales that tempt mankind to a watery death at sea, thriving on man's two greatest weaknesses, lust and loneliness.
They bat their eyelids and before you know it you're drowning.
Micheal sent personal orders to me to deal with this situation.
Evidently, I have been ordered to visit creation and descend into the deep, the home of the sirens, and stop their acts by any means necessary.
Now not many people are aware that angels can be tempted as well and so I must be careful descending into what could mean my end.
Wish me luck.
Jan 2019 · 132
"Puppy Love"
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
Gentle paws and tender kisses,
when I shoot it always misses,
but don't be fooled by that pretty pink,
a nose can say more than you think,
soon the bite becomes worse than the bark,
and chases replace the walks in the park,
tiny teeth become fangs that pierce like a knife,
and puppy love makes a dog's life.
whiskers and claws are the cat's meow
Jan 2019 · 124
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant,
it is what you do with the gift of life that determines
who you are.
Jan 2019 · 165
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
Out with the old, in with the new.
It's time to see what this thing can do.
To the things of the past, I won't hold true.
I've seen the signs and every clue.
I think it's time for a switch, don't you?
Jan 2019 · 59
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
If only this alien device did what it did.
Attach itself upon my wrist, show the secrets that it hid.
Give me superpowers, make me no ordinary kid.

Sometimes I'd like to run faster than sound,
or have an extra set of arms.
I'd like an IQ of 500,
or rock hard muscles.
I'd like to have animal instincts,
or a smoking hot ***.

My DNA doesn't hold anything special.
I still bleed when I fall down.
I may not be super by any means,
but I can still be someone's hero someday.
Because being only human may be my greatest weakness,
It's also my greatest strength.
I'm only human.
Jan 2019 · 44
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
It's a game I play and I play it well,

I'll keep pretending to forget about you when I can't,
I'll pretend that I don't miss you when they ask,
I'll pretend I didn't need you because I shouldn't,
I'll pretend that I'm ok because I need to,
I'll post those happy pictures to make them all believe,
The ones I post to say that void is filled,
I'll keep pretending I'm not lonely, that it isn't cold,
I'll pretend I don't stay up at night, hoping you still cared,
I'll pretend I didn't dream of you,
that I don't miss the feel of your hand,
the smell of your hair
or the look in your eyes,
I'll pretend I'm not holding my phone,
that I'm not tempted to call,
I'll keep pretending I've moved on because you have,
I'll pretend I don't compare her to you,
that I'm not trying to forget you with her,

I'm good at pretending, blending in, hiding the "bad" colors.
I'll keep pretending, for their sake and yours.
I'll keep pretending and maybe...
It might become reality.
You think you're good at hiding?

I'm the Chameleon King
Jan 2019 · 59
"That Voice"
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
I hear that voice, whispering what I want to hear,
it keeps telling me that I'll be ok.
I want to believe it, I truly do,
but being completely honest I know it's just an echo.
Random noise that's been repeated over and over.
Sweet nothings that are null and void.
I seek it out however, I welcome it.
I know I shouldn't, "This isn't real." I say,
but ironically the only voice I don't listen to...
is my own

sweet as honey in the mouth, bitter in the stomach.
Jan 2019 · 46
"Dates & Dead People"
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
Laws are made and wars are lost,
peace is kept but at what cost?
Titans fall and gods rise up,
kingdoms collapse under that cup.
Valleys are discovered and mountains high.
Good times pass and people die.
What did I miss, what can't I prove?
How can I be so far when I didn't move?
How it became like this is a mystery,
but one thing's for sure... It's history.
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
Jan 2019 · 109
"Too close to home"
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
Listening to you tell your tale,
I start to realize it sounds like ours.
You give away your greatest fail,
and it reminds me of those familiar stars.
Your biggest regrets sound like my own.
and it always hits too close to home.
Jan 2019 · 51
"For Forever"
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
In seas of sand, never to thirst,
in the age-old war forever cursed,
sounds of wind and sea eternally burst.

Forever watching that setting sun,
never more to be found, discovered, or won,
but will always be near the fun.

All he'll see is sky for forever,
let the world pass by for forever,
he'll go on for forever this way,
to remember that perfect day.
memories amirite?
Jan 2019 · 53
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
Once I threw a world-ending monster into space.
I've lifted the equivalent weight of 10,000 earths.
I've defeated an army with only my breath.
I've reversed time just by flying fast.
I've brought down Godzilla with a single punch.
I've tricked the world into thinking I'm harmless.
I've brushed off bullets,
pulverized planets,
saved citizens,
I'm unstoppable right?...
No matter the villain,
no matter the fight...
even the Man of Steel...
can't beat his Kryptonite.
That piercing green light...
Jan 2019 · 131
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
No, it's wrong, I'm sorry.
I don't care what other people say it won't change my mind.
No, I know it's different with everyone but still.
I can't believe you still believe this, why can't you see?!
I'm telling you the truth, why don't you just accept it?
I can't believe this, you really won't give up huh?
Why can't you just accept that I'm right? as usual.
As usual? when was the last time you were right?
Ok, touche but still it's the facts....
It's called soda, not pop.
it is
Jan 2019 · 284
Ben Estrada Jan 2019
Bright nights and peaceful violence,
quiet music and deafening silence.

I'd hear it often, that soothing sound,
when the wind would dance and stars would bound.

Every note in proper sync,
would make this sorry poet think.

I still hear music, it's just not my song.
There's still a harmony where I belong.

The song I'd hear and would help me write
has disappeared into the night.

As I sit inside this calm,
I often ask where I went wrong.
And listen for the maestro's queue,
that will begin the song...
I sing with you

It's all about perspective
Dec 2018 · 144
Ben Estrada Dec 2018
Dread it,

Run from it,

Destiny still arrives,

but destiny is not here to conquer, but to comfort.

Not to hinder, but to highlight.

Not to ground, but to glorify.

All life is equal, but not identical.

I have found my path, I know not what may come
nor who may join me...

But one thing I know is...
whatever is in the envelope

Is my Destiny.
Dec 2018 · 116
Ben Estrada Dec 2018
So many things I decided on my own,
foolishly thinking my mind had fully grown.

It wasn't meant to be, it's out of my hands.
I've learned to just accept the fault in my plans.

The dawn still comes, there's still blessed hope,
ever since I accepted what was in the envelope.

Please I'm begging you
Dec 2018 · 63
Ben Estrada Dec 2018
Never have I went to school voluntarily,
it was always out of necessity and duty that I'd get an education.
I know that sounds bad but last night I attended a class I wasn't registered for and I genuinely enjoyed it.
Granted it was an elective, but I loved it nonetheless.
It's amazing how much fun school can be with an energetic instructor and some amazing friends.

thanks guys
Dec 2018 · 81
"Hot chocolate"
Ben Estrada Dec 2018
"Jeez Luise it's cold," I hear you say,
as we search for every warm hallway.

The cold makes you speak which makes no sense,
and your shivering tells me you're real tense.

It's quite the walk back, and you're real cold,
so I decide this one time, I'll be bold.

I give you my jacket, the one I don't really need,
but if there is one thing I hate, it's always been greed.

The jacket looks so big on you, it might even be a dress,
but I can hear you laugh without shivers, and with that, I am blessed.

Coldmeiser may have a heart that's made of solid ice,
but the times I spend with my friends have made it warm and nice.
Dec 2018 · 44
Ben Estrada Dec 2018
There's only one, no more no less.
There's only one, who'll be the best.
There's only one who'll fill the void.
There's only one shining asteroid.
Crashing down in a ball of light,
ending the search in the lonely night.
One who will make the heavens sing,
one who's going to change everything.
There's only one, but who knows where?
There's only one, how beautifully rare.

Te Amo.
Nov 2018 · 58
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Dear naps, I miss you oh so much.
I miss the blanket's cozy warming touch.
Please come back, I'm a better guy.
I just really need a place to lie.
A pillow's kiss, the thought makes my head nod.
Disregard what I just said, that was rather odd.
I can not snooze, nor can I sleep,
it makes me lose and also weep.
I can not nap, I can not slumber,
It feels like a slap, also cucumber.
Dear naps, my eyelids feel like they're made out of bricks.
I am so sorry I was a **** to you when I was six.

I'm so tired
Nov 2018 · 69
"Every Last Drop"
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
That's it, I'm done, I can't take it anymore.
I still don't see what I'm always fighting for.

I quit, I'm through, I'm tired of working alone.
I'm letting go, I won't stay in this twilight zone.

It's yours, you can have it, I can't reach the top shelf.
You'll have to make it work, I can't do it myself.

everything I try falls short, no matter what I do.
If anyone can make this work, I'll bet it all on you.

So here it is, take it all, this madness has to stop.
It's all yours now, no holding back, every...last...drop.
Nov 2018 · 388
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
As a roaring lion seeking a meal,
or a clever serpent striking a deal,
an angel of light making you feel,
all in an attempt to make your fears real.

But in our trials, we don't have to keel,
for we have skin of iron, and bones of steel.

The darker the night, the brighter the light.
Nov 2018 · 109
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
When entropy increases in this isolated world,
the energy shifts and the plane is all whirled.

When it doesn't seem to fit, and the noise doesn't muzzle,
is when you have to remember, you can't see the puzzle.

We can't see the big picture, but some things we do know,
like where we stand now, and where we should go.

I know it'll work out, the wonders never cease.
because life is a puzzle, and I see each peace.
Nov 2018 · 46
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Trees of green, roses of red,
sights all I've seen, linger in my head.
Clouds of white, moon of grey,
twinkling starlight, amazing day.
Colors of the rainbow, the sound of soft rain,
help me to know, it's worth all the pain.
The sweet flowing waves across the soft light sand,
whenever I see it, I also see His hand.
"Beautiful isn't it?", He whispers in my ear,
"Aren't you glad that I put you here?".
Every day is a treat, beauty everywhere I roam,
it's your way of saying "I'm glad you're home".
Nov 2018 · 41
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
I'm not Tom Brady by any means, but you make me seem like it.
I can't throw 40 yards, but I can throw 40 times better, "It's lit".

I may never win a Superbowl, I may never be in the headlines,
but when it comes to a catch, maybe you should stick to the sidelines.

I may not have the perfect spiral, that may just be my luck,
but when you throw a football, it looks like a dying duck.

Regardless of skill, or lack thereof, you may not be number one.
But one thing's for sure, you make playing football fun.

Quarterback for the Giants?...
now that's funny
Nov 2018 · 48
"Random Letter"
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Letters letters everywhere but which one should I pick,
some letters avoid my gaze but some just seem to stick.
"What the heck is this supposed to be?" I hear you cry.
"Isn't that the point?" I say, "That you never need ask why?"
"What letters is he referring to? Surely not like A or B."
It depends not on what the author views, but what the reader sees.
Letters letters everywhere, to not choose is a sin,
letters letters everywhere, the one I pick will win.

I think this is the closest I've been in my life to being high...
Nov 2018 · 247
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
When I was younger I actually wanted to act,
I liked the idea and I was good as a matter of fact.

Yes there is fortune, but that wasn't my first desire,
theatre is an art, which stirs emotional fire.

If it's 100 lines from a previous age,
or simply looking dead, pacing the stage.

Acting is awesome, and I'm sure most agree,
that is what theatre is to me.
Nov 2018 · 50
"High School"
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Some of you just cringed when you read those words,
you think those awkward days are only for the birds.

Ballistic emotions and stupid trends seem to mar the past,
  but part of me never wanted it to end, I wanted to make it last.

Yes High School can ****, and life can seem really hard,
but I learned I could enjoy it, leaving my eyes all starred.

The friends and memories that you make, is of all things the best,
cuz when I look back at High School, I see how I was blessed.
Nov 2018 · 78
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Here, there, could be anywhere.

There, here, I couldn't really care.

Because I know something about home most people don't.

It's something I've learned that most people won't.

Home isn't a place, near or far,

Home is simply where you are.

I'm Coming Home
Nov 2018 · 217
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
Will it be worth it, when my time finally comes?

Will it be worth it, when all my work is done?

Will I be satisfied with the labours of my hands?

Or will it all fall through like tiny grains of sand?

The answer is clear, he said it full of grace.

I just have to go, at any time or place.

He promised it'd be worth it all when I complete my race so fervent
"Well done", He'll say and smile, "thou good and faithful servant.
Nov 2018 · 517
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
I've always been good at my own craft,
the ability to always make others laugh.
Whether goofing around or a well placed pun,
the word they'd assign me would always be "fun".
But what some don't realize is under comedy's mask,
keeping yourself laughing is no easy task.
Seeing that smile makes me the happiest guy,
so try not to let them see you cry.
Honestly, this burden isn't too much to bear,
because what keeps me going is showing I care.
So the show must go on, all mirrors and smoke.
It's all in good conscience, all part of the joke.
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