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 Feb 21 Ben Estrada
I am in love
Head over heels
A thunderstorm of flutters in my heart
But I will put you,
For if I live my life by the way of God
Everything else will fall into place
All I need is to have a little faith
 Oct 2018 Ben Estrada
 Oct 2018 Ben Estrada
I said wether my heart is broken or together it belongs to you

And it’s broken

I’m so sorry the pieces might cut your hands
I’m sorry I can’t take it back

Maybe it won’t be like this forever
I sure hope not
Hopefully it’ll be fixed later on
Or maybe I’ll take it back

I think I know how it’ll turn out
But if it’s not how I planed then I don’t know what’ll happen

Maybe I’ll take it back
Definitely not right now though
 Oct 2018 Ben Estrada
 Oct 2018 Ben Estrada
the vast spectrum that is the sky above
in the light of day
your warmth radiates like a thousand suns
in the dark of night
your eyes twinkle like a thousand stars
let me stretch my arms open wide
and take in every ounce of you
until my heart fills to the brim
pull me close
whisper my name
my heart will shout in response
the kind of love that fills you up
and makes you dance
underneath the sky
a painted sunset
white cotton clouds
beauty beyond compare
I’m mesmerized by the moon
smitten by the stars
you are the sky
and every perfect thing in it
you know you’ve hit a low when you’re writing love poetry about an imaginary person/scenario
I’m *finger guns* lonely
 Sep 2018 Ben Estrada
There was that calm before the storm
Before this part of my world was rocked
The seismic shakes of anxiety ripped through me
My jaw clattering
My limbs vibrating
As the night went on
The dust of betrayal and self-hatred began to settle
Who was the catalyst of all of this?
If only I could really tell
Recovery from a disaster takes time
As I gather my thoughts
And clear the dust
I think of where to go from here
After the earthquake
I’m not even sure what to put here for this one?? idk enjoy
So many questions
     with so many answers,
          but just as I think I know,
               you make me even curiouser.
So long I've known you,
    your heart, your charisma,
          but just as my words slip,
               you become another enigma.
So what do I do now?
     Can I ignore our history?
          I may never try to get an answer.
               You may just remain a mystery.
I tell you
01001110-because there is no seeing with this wall between us,-01101111
so how can I show you?

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