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Ben Estrada Apr 1
Fell out of the sky, from a distant world,
upon great power and responsibility hurled.
Head in the clouds, hands on the plow,
to fly so far away and thinking about how.
Listening for the soft subtle sound,
leaping tall buildings in a single bound.
With so much vision, just being transparent,
incognito, not-so-apparent.
Behind these glasses, this shirt, and this tie
is someone who would rather live in the sky.
A good hero must first be a good man, and I strive to be.
The "S" first stands for Smallville, and that's fine with me.
Ben Estrada Mar 24
Tis the human touch in this world that counts,
the touch of your hand with mine,
which means far more to this fainting heart
than shelter and bread and wine.

For shelter is gone when the night is over,
and bread lasts only a day;
but the touch of the hand and the sound of your voice
sings on in my soul alway.

The easiest way to get someone to want something is to tell them they can't have it.
Ben Estrada Mar 17
There are many places in need,
places where sin and malice feed.
Will I sit and fret in selfish greed,
or not take any rest until all are freed?
Those before me have sowed the seed,
now I am what those people need.

I'll bless the rains down in Africa...
Ben Estrada Mar 15
Wow, will you look at this guy's stuff?
Dang, that's really depressing...

Anyhoo, let me introduce myself,
I'm this guy from the future.
Weird right? Well, anything is possible at this point.

So, until recently my life was falling apart,
I was gonna get kicked out of college,
my friends stopped hanging out with me,
the girl I had a crush on started dating my friend,
and I had lost sight of my purpose...

                                          But...(ooh I like wait)

Just a few words were spoken,
a few words that will echo throughout eternity.

I've regained sight of my purpose
without being able to see it.
My path has been set,
and I have no clue where.
It's crazy to those who don't understand
but they don't have to
not understand I mean.
Anyone can find their purpose,
you just need to know where to look.

I lost it, but boy am I thankful I found it again...
This truly is the peace that passes all understanding.
Ben Estrada Mar 9
What do you do when she's all you've ever wanted,
When her hair shines like the sun,
When you can't look her in the eyes
because you might not be able to ever look away,
When she cares so much for anyone she meets,
When she can make a comedian laugh,
When she is the Lucy to my Ricky,
The Lois to my Clark,
When she's the spitfire that won't let me get away with anything,
When you feel like every time she smiles...
Everything is ok..?

What do you do...
When the girl of your dreams is dating someone else?
the night that brought Superman to his knees...
Ben Estrada Mar 4
Thoughts that aide me, thoughts that plague me.
When foes assail me and friends betray me.
Have no thought on what has been,
what will come,
or what your life is.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
But Today is a gift...

That's why it's called the present.

Ben Estrada Mar 1
In a sea of utter confusion,
I have a landmark.
No matter how hard the wind blows,
The mountain does not bow.
A point that can not be shaken,
No matter how much I tremble.
All good things,
Come to those who wait.
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