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I'm not a morning person by any means,
but anything can be done with the right motivation.
It's rough but I can handle it,
5:00 isn't "too" early.
I'll tell you what, it's amazing the human conscience,
left in autopilot it can shower, brush teeth, and even get dressed.
It snowed this morning, well, there was like 3 flakes but it counts.
Why do I do this to myself? I could do literally anything else...
like sleep...
I don't even eat, curse this body and it's intolerance,
I just drink apple juice and eat a kiwi.
But I guess it could be worse,
some people put yogurt in their cheerios.

"Why do you even go to breakfast?" you ask...

...I don't know
I started out with more than most
not so much to where I'd boast.
But I had one once, something I could give,
something that I knew I'd want to live.
But I lost a piece here and lost a piece there,
little by little, didn't matter who, didn't matter where.
I don't have as much as I did, there's not much at all.
There's hardly anything there, it's gotten so small.
But I pray you'll still want it, after all that theft.
All I can give you is all of what's left.
Ben Estrada Feb 10
It hurts so much not knowing what to do.
That's why I just decided to ask you.
You've seen so much, and though most was all bad,
You were willing to give the advice that you had.
I told you my story, then you told me yours.
We talked for a while, of the ones we adored.
But through all my confusion, through all my fear,
You gave me exactly what I needed to hear.

Thanks Bestie
Ben Estrada Feb 5
I was made to serve.
That is the duty of angels,
And you better believe the job isn't easy.
we fight, protect, direct, but most of all we sing.
I know that comes as a surprise, heaven's warriors greatest responsibility is making melody,
but it is what I love most about my job.
When the hosts lift our voices, it sounds of mighty trumpets and sweet bells all at once, it's beautiful.
Ours is certainly a great honor as well as responsibility
and I wouldn't trade it for the heavens,
but like I said, it's not easy.
Angels have quite a few things we must consider lest we fail,
demons, evil men, and the tremendous pressure are all things we struggle with, just like men, it is possible for us to fall.
Many of my brothers suffered the fate worse than death, so many deceived or tempted. I miss them.
Micheal tells us we must stay strong, he is truly a great leader,
but often times I am troubled by a certain dilemma on creation.
We angels are sent to protect mankind, from supernatural terrors that might try and attack them.
One certain kind of terror has been giving me problems for the past thousand years... Sirens.
Cunning, deceptive, alluring scales that tempt mankind to a watery death at sea, thriving on man's two greatest weaknesses, **** and loneliness.
They bat their eyelids and before you know it you're drowning.
Micheal sent personal orders to me to deal with this situation.
Evidently, I have been ordered to visit creation and descend into the deep, the home of the sirens, and stop their acts by any means necessary.
Now not many people are aware that angels can be tempted as well and so I must be careful descending into what could mean my end.
Wish me luck.
Ben Estrada Jan 24
Gentle paws and tender kisses,
when I shoot it always misses,
but don't be fooled by that pretty pink,
a nose can say more than you think,
soon the bite becomes worse than the bark,
and chases replace the walks in the park,
tiny teeth become fangs that pierce like a knife,
and puppy love makes a dog's life.
whiskers and claws are the cat's meow
Ben Estrada Jan 21
The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant,
it is what you do with the gift of life that determines
who you are.
Ben Estrada Jan 12
Out with the old, in with the new.
It's time to see what this thing can do.
To the things of the past, I won't hold true.
I've seen the signs and every clue.
I think it's time for a switch, don't you?
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