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Ben Estrada Sep 27
You taught me there are no accidents.
You taught me to keep a cool head.
You taught me to defend my friends.
You taught me to just keep swimming.
You taught me to trust my instincts.
You taught me run to danger, not away.
You taught me that knowledge isn't wisdom.
You taught me to believe in ghosts.
you taught me not to judge appearence.
You taught me to stand up for the weak.
You taught me that I can make things better.

Thanks guys...
Ben Estrada Sep 15
Subatomic sweet nothings
Gullible, easy, Earthlings
Dates way up above
Proton laser love
Watch the passing UFO
Don't the stars look beautiful?
Embarrassed by the way I acted
Whenever I whisper [REDACTED]
Do you like me for who I am?
Or do you want to put my brain in a can?
You can have it because I never want to be apart,
From your alien heart...
Watch, it's in my DNA.
Ben Estrada Aug 30
What is wrong with me?
I've tried so hard to make this work,
but . every . single . time . It happens.
I'm so tired of this pattern.
I just want something to work.
Why does giving up have to be so difficult?!
I want to just settle down, and let it happen.
Ben Estrada Aug 4
It's been a minute. Have you missed me?
I'm jumping back in it, as you can see.
I thought poetry was dumb, kinda still do,
but ya boy is back, and I'm starting a new.
Happy, sad, outrageous, you name it, I'm picking up slack.
Straight out of hiding, the Chameleon King is Back.
and ready for more
Ben Estrada Apr 30
I know we haven't seen each other... or even talked in a while.... but I want you to know that I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I want you to know that, I miss you. Not "I regret what happened" or
"I want to see you again" just... I miss you. It's so strange to think that someone I knew so well is now a total stranger to me, and sometimes I go full days without thinking about you, most of the time, I let myself forget... because it's easy. But then I find something, a photo, a gift, those stupid poems I used to write, and the full weight of what's been lost crashes down on me. Part of me wants to see you again, to hold you again, to dance with you again, all those feelings become empty thoughts. When I look back now and I know that love isn't all that it seems, it's so easy to forget, but this isn't regret. I had my reason for leaving, and it's as valid as ever, but at the start, I didn't need a reason to fall in love, I just did. the reasons came at the end and everything since then has been about reasons and that's good, it means one day I'll find someone I won't have to say goodbye to but a part of me misses loving someone and having that someone love me back. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I hope things are good with you, I hope everything is great, I hope you found love that's everything ours could never be. But a small part of me hopes that you still remember what it was like before the reasons... and that...
you miss me too...
Ben Estrada Apr 15
A Soldier still fighting for home...
A Scientist still seeking knowledge...
A Story still being written....
A Steel beam still being bent...
A Soul still needing help...
a Superman still looking for Lois...

... Well here it stands for silly
Ben Estrada Apr 12
sitting in my dorm
my roommate working on a project
I'm reading a book as I listen to music
I go to work at 5 a.m. tomorrow
but I get to work with a friend, so it's ok
the semester's nearly over
summer's nearly here
funny how time does that thing...
I haven't stargazed in a bit...
maybe I'll do that.

thanks M
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