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Yasmine Jun 2020
The art of procrastination, is to not care at all.
What a fool I am?
To assume I could do nothing at all,

other than worry.
Yasmine Apr 2020
They told me I was going to make it,
To be someone they never were,

Torn faces look upon me,
Disappointment filled with despair.

They lied.
Yasmine Mar 2020
I love you.

The three words that have yet to touch my ears.
Yasmine May 2020
Life is not race,
Pace yourself and appreciate ,

What you have been gifted.

And, breathe.
Yasmine Apr 2020

the constant unattainable desire to become accepted.
Yasmine Feb 2020
To be loved is to be broken,
To be broken is to be loved.
How sad to think I'll never be either.

— The End —