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Bellissima Jul 18
They say that the eyes
are windows to the soul,
crystal clues of truth,

but in yours they're black holes,
pensively deep, sweet
gravitational pulls

and I am core shaken,
captivated and nulled.
Bellissima May 29
You sit in silence.
Orange shafts pour
through the stain glass windows,
melt into your soul.

You have found God,
not in the clouds, the books,
nor the empty wooden pews,

but in you.
Bellissima May 28
I walk from dirt trails
drenched in the echoes
of laughing teenagers,

soaked in the reflections
of drunken hopes,

to a purer path,
flooded in the promise
of a new beginning.
Bellissima May 28
Your beauty exhausts my words,
for they could never fully express
the feeling of your existence.
Bellissima May 27
Through creaking doors
walk my ideas of people.
Cracked frames, bent and sullen.
Groaning hinges, bones
bruised and rusted.
Bellissima May 13
I long for intensity of juvenile love.
The captivation, the torment
the way my heart split atoms.
Bellissima May 13
In the East
chaos enthrals me.
The man in the park who
sips green listerine.

The bathrooms in bars,
white dust, sprinkled
across porcelain seats.

An angelic experience!
I walk in glory
among souls of the *****,
fascination in impurity

though maybe
they are me...
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