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 Oct 2019 Bella
Fickle Faith
 Oct 2019 Bella
She had put her faith into you
You held her trust in your hands
And every so often
You'd squeeze and tug
To see how far you could get
Before breaking her completely
Trying to switch things up.
 Oct 2019 Bella
There are many I love. But hate to miss.
 Oct 2019 Bella
We're slowly growing apart,
and I'm just waiting for the day,
you don't reply.
Communication series pt 3.
Saddest part is knowing that there will come a day where some other guy will take all of you away, leaving me in the dust... pondering on what could've been.
 Oct 2019 Bella
If I were to say,
"I am not okay,"
Everything would become too real,
Although maybe I'd be able to feel.
Communication series Part 2.
I guess it's hard to admit that you're not doing okay but, that's okay. Communicate the way you do and the ones who matte shall stick around.

I hope you enjoyed. :)
 Oct 2019 Bella
I communicate in poems,
Part 1 of my Communication Series.
I hope you enjoy.

— The End —