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Oct 22 · 50
s l • • p
BL Oct 22
Sleep can't find me.

In darkness, I see no solace.

Thoughts are wild again.

My dream can't save me now.
can't sleep
Aug 28 · 137
But You Did
BL Aug 28
NO, you did not
because if you did then I wouldn't be writing this.

Yes, you did
because if you did not then I wouldn't be writing this

I want to say I don't care anymore
but if I didn't then I  wouldn't writing about it

BUT I care,
and so I will write till I don't.

AND now,
you'll become nothing but words.

YOUR sweet face will fade into a sound everyone will read.

EVERYTHING you did will remain in pages for eternity.

SO I will write,
so you and what you did will never die.
© 2021 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.

I was pansting this one out.
Hope you all like it, or maybe not. It's okay.
Jun 2020 · 211
haiku #9
BL Jun 2020
a star has fallen
go catch it in your hands, though
it's not heaven sent
you should believe they exist
BL May 2020
I am drowning.
But I won't let any one know.
There's no need to let it show.
I can hide it behind my smile.
Or I can bury it deep where no one can see.

                            "It's okay."

I say to myself.
I'll draw a smile to remind me that it's okay.

To be alone in this sadness is a familiar scene.
It has happened many times before.
So there's nothing new about this now.
I've been sad before.
I've been sad a million times before.

And I've managed to stay afloat.
Paddling in the water for as long I can remember.
Keeping my chin above the water.
Gazing up at the stars in the night sky.

               "Stay above the water."

I reminded myself.

But now my arm has gone numb.
The cold water pulls me deeper.
Darkness embraces me.
I am tired.
And the stars in the sky are saying goodbye.

                        "I am drowning."
             "And no one will ever know."

Because when the sun comes up tomorrow.
I'll put on a smile and I'll lie to myself that I am fine.
haha i don't-
Jan 2020 · 160
Untitled #1
BL Jan 2020
The world's sadness
is taking its toll on me.
But I am not the only one.
Nov 2019 · 1.4k
BL Nov 2019
Almost means it will happen.

Almost cried
Almost forgot
Almost ready
Almost here
Almost done

Almost can also mean it never happened.

Almost in love
Oct 2019 · 262
(not) in love
BL Oct 2019
I realize now
as I read your words dancing with the light of the screen,

                        I don't love you.

I wanted to be in love.
People seemed happy
when they are in love.

I wanted to be happy.
And being in love seemed
to take all the loneliness away.

It was then I remembered
the feeling buried with
forgotten memories.

                            I liked you.

And then I wanted to love you,
to love every inch
and every detail about you.

                            "I love you."


But I wasn't happy.
I wanted to be happy.
I thought if I loved you I would be happy.

                          "I loved you."

                                               I wasn't happy.
                                            I didn't love you.
                I was merely caught up with the
                                    idea of being in love,
                           of  being in love with you.
Aug 2019 · 225
BL Aug 2019
thus, this day will end
tomorrow will soon arrive
pause, breathe, close your eyes
Aug 2019 · 187
Bright Eyes
BL Aug 2019
her bright eyes stayed close
tears fell with silent goodbyes
it was time to go
Aug 2019 · 145
BL Aug 2019
The wind blew, I smiled.
The sun shined as its trails of bright rays found my face, I smiled.
I smiled.
Jun 2019 · 1.2k
Not Me
BL Jun 2019
Not all want eyes
Not al want ears

I see my father beat the life out of my mom
I  hear my  mother cry in pain

Not all want hands
Not all want feet

I feel my hands bound by rope as my father touches me at night
I try to kick my feet but the weight of his body presses down on me

Not all want nose
Not all want mouth

I smell the alcohol on his breath
I shut my lips as forces his lips to mine

Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all
Not all

Not all wants to be alive
Not Me
I was sudden;y inspired to write this
no, this has never happened to me
May 2019 · 148
BL May 2019
I sat there all morning till the evening
Not a clue of what’s going to happen
But I stayed and breathed

Ate a few and drank
Wished it was ***** though sadly it was not
I don’t even like the taste of ***** but I still wished it was

It’s not fun when I’m alone with my thoughts
It’s not fun to be at all
Especially when it makes me want to die

I sat there all morning till evening
Dreading for tomorrow to come
The thought of it made me want to close eyes forever
The thing is, when I wrote this, I was around many people.
And still, I felt alone.
May 2019 · 173
To The Love He Had
BL May 2019
I gave you to him
And his love felt like home
You were his
And his' was mine
He had you
I had his

But I took you back from him
He had another love
Sadly, it was not you
I'm sorry if I took you back so soon
We were kids and I gave you too easily
You were meant to be his
But we were just kids

And now I stare blankly
The wall seemed enchanting more than ever
It was just white
Yet it seemed to colour the memories I have
And as I realized it now
I never gave back his love

He was waiting for it
He said he'll wait.
Mar 2019 · 4.4k
Tubig at Bolpen
BL Mar 2019
Matapos ang bawat kanta ng aming pwedeng kantahin
Dasal na alay para sa mga taong may ilaw na bilog sakanilang ulo

Hihinga ako ng malalim
Ngunit di maaalis ng aking paghinga ang kaba at takot sa aking dibdib

Tubig at bolpen lang laman ng aking bag
Sa pagdarasal
Alam kong hindi sapat ito para ako’y manatili sa aking kinalalagyan

At tulad ng aking dalangin
Naghihintay ang aking ina sa ibaba
Sa kanyang puso at mata
Dama ko ang kanyang pagmamakaawa

                                  “Bigyan niyo po kami ng awa”

                                              “Maawa po kayo”

Rosaryo, rosaryo, rosaryo, rosaryo, rosaryo
Rosaryo sa Huwebes
Rosaryo na aming kailangan sabihin sa wikang ingles

Siguro sa aking pagdarasal ng rosaryo ng malakas
Ay maawa sila saamin
Masakit man ang tuhod sa pagluhod
Hindi pa rin nito maalis ang takot at kaba sa aking puso

                     “Alam ko pong hindi sapat ang aming dala”

Ang Ikalimang Misteryo ng aking pagmamakaawa

                            “Pero sigurado po na ako’y may alam”

Naghihintay ang aking ina sa ibaba
Nananalangin na sana’y hindi niya ako isama sa kanyang pag-uwi

Matapos man ang mga Misteryo ng Rosaryo
Alam kong hindi pa tapos ang aking kalbaryo
Dahil ilang minuto na lang alam kong tatawagin na aking pangalan

                                               “Maawa po kayo”

                                                         ­    .

Hindi maaalis ng lamig ang pagpawis ng aking mga kamay ng buksan ko ang pinto
At sa ibaba, nakita ko agad ang aking ina

Itinaas ko ang aking kamay
Sabay ng kanyang pagngiti

Ako’y mananatili
Hindi na niya kailangang mag-alala
Magsisimula na ang aming pagsusulit
At kailangan kong pumasok na

© 2019 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Mar 2019 · 260
BL Mar 2019
can you smile once more like you always do,

                                just like how the corners of your lips might
                 touch the ends of        
                                      the earth,

                        a gleam, that never once left your eyes

can you smile once more like you always do
                                             like you always do

                                 can you smile once more
                                                            as if you were looking at the stars
                                                      at night
                                                            as if you were seeing the moon lit
                                                      ocean in front of you


                                        the smile I remember
                                                        whenever your eyes
                                                                    would land at mine
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
BL Oct 2018
you were in my dreams
then you leave me when I wake
up, why can't you stay?
Jul 2018 · 2.3k
Guilty As Charged
BL Jul 2018
Nobody helped him as he struggled
Their eyes watched as he tried to insert the card
He wore his clothes with dignity
But what they saw was someone poor and lowly

Beads of sweat started to form on his forehead
The line behind him started to grow longer than before
Judgement met his gaze
While the security officer just stood there with laze

“What’s happening” they ask indirectly
He turned around to seek for assistance
But the crowd’s eyes ignored his plea
For the man who asked for help looked *****

What has become of the society?
What happened to everyone’s compassion and sincerity?
But then again,
Who am I to ask such words about  kindness?
When I too, was guilty as charged,
For I didn’t help the man when he struggled with his card

© 2018 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
I would love to hear your opinions about this poem.
Jul 2018 · 463
BL Jul 2018
quiet, yes
she chose to be quiet
i remember

if she was quiet
then maybe they'd all be quiet
to hear her say the words
sewed from lips
yes, their lips
their lips kept on moving
all night it moved
Oct 2017 · 248
BL Oct 2017
and again
I thought I changed
it seems it's not the case
for I did it again

© 2017 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Aug 2017 · 868
BL Aug 2017
I'm full.
I don't want your words anymore.
My brain is about to explode.
I hate the memories you replay.
I don't want it.
I didn't ask for it.
I can't move.
I can't think.
I'm afraid of tomorrow because of you.
Your assumptions make me weak.
Your criticsm blinds me.
Because of you,
a simple smile I can't do.

I'm sick.
I'm sick of you.
I'm sick, because of you.

© 2017 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Jul 2017 · 224
Not to Think
BL Jul 2017
I try not to think,
I try not to see tomorrow,
For tomorrow is as anxious as me.

All I can do is live the day as it is.
Chase away the sunlight until I reach the sea.

© 2017 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
-just words that I thought of
Dec 2016 · 553
BL Dec 2016
I'm tired.
And I'm sad.
My eyes have dried.
But I can feel the tears coming again.

Let me breathe for once.

© 2016 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Nov 2016 · 445
BL Nov 2016
my cry wasn't louder than a blink of an eye
and still, you heard it

© 2016 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
-one of my favorites
Jun 2016 · 527
It Was Beautiful
BL Jun 2016
A storm or a hurricane.
The sun will always be there, it will shine.
First light of dawn.
When the first glimpse of sunrise peeked through the window's glass, the day would soon start.
A bright lovely morning. The sun you should always thank.
That mixture of sun and wind.
Feel it as the sun kiss your cheeks and the wind brushes your hair.
Can you feel the warmth with coolness?

I saw a red sunset once or twice.
Unlike anything I've seen before.
It was beautiful.

© 2016 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Apr 2016 · 196
BL Apr 2016
From this day on I'll write.

Words that will linger on sleepless nights.

Hours from now it will soon all be done,
like the ocean slowly kissing the sun.*

© 2016 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
Jan 2016 · 651
take it all
BL Jan 2016
take the hurt away
let love stay,

take the pain away
let love say,

take the tears away
let love today,

take it all, i pray

© 2016 B.L.
All Rights Reserved.
people die everyday, everyone knows that
but what about the people who died, who still had life in their eyes, dreams to fulfill, promises to keep and loved ones to come home to...

— The End —