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Why do I let such little things get in my way
Can't I just live my life as if it's okay
I go through this struggle almost every single day
I wish, I wish, I could just have a bae
So he can help the pain roll away
But I know that is never to happen for I am here to stay

I just want someone to say I love you too
And they say it back with the same love I do
And I know that wish is never to Come true
Now here is what I must say to you
True love may seem true but it's clearly VOODOO
 Nov 2014 Beatrice Prior
love doesn't hurt,
teenage infatuation does
you may disagree with me on this. will brb on this
 Nov 2014 Beatrice Prior
 Nov 2014 Beatrice Prior
Go ahead, stab me,
break me, shatter me,
cut me out.
In the end,
I will bleed on the paper
2 and 2 are 4.
4 and 4 are 8.

But what would happen
If the last 4 was late?

And how would it be
If one 2 was me?

Or if the first 4 was you
Divided by 2?
How is it
That I can make everyone double over,
But you?

Just tell me I make you laugh.

Just say those four words....

That's all I need...

 Nov 2014 Beatrice Prior
Sitting on the Ferris Wheel with,
you telling me how you feel..
There's no looking down or going back,
'cause I'm safest in your eyes

And everyone's afraid of something
but by your side I'm afraid of nothing
you're the one who makes me wanna never give up the fight,
I'll watch you like how the moon keeps his stars up right

Sleep tight, 'cause it's another fight in the morn'..
but you were born for this..

When I'm with you, I'm dauntless,
And when..
When I kiss you it's flawless,
You're a tattoo in the back of my mind..
And we're like statues through everyone else's eyes

yeah when I'm with you it's dauntless,
so, don't you ever feel haunted
we've got forever yet, til we leave it all behind
and i won't leave you behind..

'cause you and I are riding the Chicago skyline tonight
Ahh so I'm in the middle of writing a song for 'DIVERGENT' as i surprisingly really enjoyed it.. this is to be editted soon.. and i can't wait for some of you to hear it :) x
 Nov 2014 Beatrice Prior
It feels calm yet perturbed
Carrying this weight of regret
Fills my heart with malevolent beats of distress
Pumping motions of prying blood
Purple tint stains as it cuts
Screaming in pain but to no avail
Help is not needed but weary the mind
"You’ll seek what you’ll find
Beneath the shadows of imminent time.”

Verged with desire
To seek the forgotten light
Above the skies and among the stars
Hidden within this immense universe
Waiting as it pours
To the ground with glinting flames
For when I will get better
I will turn all this mess
Into beautiful shades of existence
Prior to what has held to evade norms
To change what was lost
To be claimed and found.

To feel what is certain
Yet leading to disappointment
Crying in vain to appease regret’s misery
I believe in fate
To a whole new life’s beginning
Displeasing life to graze within its end
Without it,
It has no meaning.

The love we were once hurt to prevail
Learning to love and be loved again
And live in happiness until forever ends.
Everynight you'll have these thoughts that will haunt you till morning.
Insomnia. Let it rest.
Overcome it.
You are better than this!
You deserve every tinge of happiness in your dreams when you sleep.
So sleep and when you wake up,
Learn to love yourself again.
 Nov 2014 Beatrice Prior
Trapped in a box
Walls closing in fast
Water lapping at your ankles
Air growing thin.
You punch the glass
Your hands crash into the walls
But nothing happens
No escape
She is standing
Watching as you panic
Enjoying every second of your agony.
You close your eyes
This is all a dream
This isn't really happening
You try one more time
You pound on the glass desperately
You kick and hit and throw your body into the walls.
A small crack
It's faint but you hear it
The water is almost at your shoulders
You hit the cracked area so hard
Over and over
Until the water sprays out
And the force of the water explodes the box
And you are carried by the river.
It feels good to breathe
Your lungs are screaming
One last gasp
You climb to your feet and run
You run down the hall
Not knowing where you are going.
The last thing you remember is his face
Oh his face
His eyes
They are like water
But the kind of water that swallows you
And cradles you
But throws you with the waves
Because you can handle it
Because you are strong
You are brave
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