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Erin Aug 23
Our past can never be fixed
Amidst of a clobbered heart
Stitched each other's wings
Tangled up by strings
Bewitched in things
Till we both could sync
Our love never stops blooming
Even if hope was in doubt
But deep down
I know it
We were Happier
We don't feel the same anymore
But I wish you the happiest years forward than the time spent with me. I set you free even if my eyes were to tear. I'll be fine someday and one day will be free
Erin Aug 21
Hoping for something
We fought for what felt missing
And we won nothing
Erin Aug 15
It was nothing more
Than temporary moments
All the ebbs and flows
All the tears that fall
All the words that blend
Were borrowed time
Until it hits right, right?
It's done. Why does it still hurts?
Erin Aug 1
Like we always say
"You deserve to be happy"
We do know better...
This may never reach you anymore but you were the best of everything. And I hope you find peace, new love and the life you wanted. Keep it up!
Erin Jul 27
Why do I still try
To look for missing pieces
If not with someone
How can I build myself up?
Let me belive in something...
It still hurts, wondering about what felt missing that doesn't even belong to you.
Erin Jul 12
In every season
the rain brings nostalgic vibes
to where it felt real
Glimpse of every memory
Within a drop that falls down
This time it felt real
Erin Jul 4
I wake up the same
laying on forgotten sea
thinking I was found
another day to be
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