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Elizabeth Apr 2018
The rain falling softly over the plains
Washing away my tears and pain
The clouds form a darkness over me
I scream into the silence
But no one hears me
Dancing in the shadows
Avoiding everything
When did I become
This girl that isn’t me
No longer do I laugh or sing
My smile has long since faded from me
I long for the days of rainbows rays
And blue skies where sun lies
But there is nothing for me
I long for the days when I would run
In the rain just for fun
Instead of using the rain to mask my pain
Dancing in the shadows
Avoiding everything
This girl I am is really not me
Elizabeth Mar 2018
They say they’re there for you
But where are they when it’s 3a.m
And you’re falling apart
When you should be falling asleep

They say they care for you
That they’re there for you
But their mouths just move

Where’s the actions behind their words
Do they really see me
Do they really hear me

I’m drifting off to sea
Rowing, rowing, rowing
But not going anywhere

The sun comes out
Like the calm before the storm
Now I’m drowning
Sinking further than before

I fight to get to the surface
And gasp for air
As I’m pulled back under
Further and further I go
To depths unknown

Screaming, begging, crying
I yell “no more”
But silence is all that meets me

Fake a smile
Fake a laugh
No one seems to care
Or ask

Who’s this girl become
So silent
So tired
So young

As long as you smile
And seem ok
No one will notice
As you fade from light

They say they’re there for you
That they care for you
But they are merely just saying words
Elizabeth Mar 2018
Blue skies
Where summer lies
Has lost her glowing days

Blue skies
Where summer lies
Has finally turned to grey

Gone are her summer rays
So warm
So happy
So free

Here to stay
Are her winter days
So long
So lonely
So weak
Elizabeth Feb 2018
All I wanted was your love
All I needed was your heart
All I wanted was a hand in the dark
But you tore me apart

Now your dancing with her
And whispering words
Planning a future

And I’m staring at you
But your looking at her
And I’m living in
A world of hurt

When will you see
It’s always been me
Who’s loved you from the start

And I’m staring at you
Then you say I do
And part of me dies

Cause I look at you
But you look at her
Like she’s your world

And I’m looking in
Wishing it was me
Elizabeth Jan 2018
No longer could I hear the birds sing
No longer was the grass green
No longer the sun did shine
No longer was my baby mine
Elizabeth Jan 2018
How can I believe in love when I am looking at you but you are looking at her
How can I sleep at night when you are thinking of her

My dreams are full of you
And your dreams are full of her
Alone I am
And alone I remain
With my thoughts of you

— The End —