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Hunter Bacon Dec 2014
They think I'm "fixed"
because of therapy, treatment
funny, depression isnt just some skit
it's an illness, and no, it doesn't end.

Silly you, you think I'm fine
you're outside my walls
can't cross this line
happy on the outside
Inside I'm aching to die.
Hunter Bacon Dec 2014
Smelly cat, Smelly cat
What are they feeding you?
Smelly cat, Smelly cat
It's not your fault...

-Phoebe (Friends)
  Dec 2014 Hunter Bacon
Do not adore her because she will never believe you when you look into her eyes and say that she is beautiful.

Do not crave her because she will never trust you when you say that you feel forever in her touch.

Do not cherish her because the time you get to spend with her will never be enough.

But most of all, do not love her because she will never love you half as much as she hates herself.
Hunter Bacon Dec 2014
Here, in my darkest hour,
I've found you; a beautiful flower.
And everything I've been waiting for,
Turned out to be something much, much more.
There is no sun to shine,
Upon this beauty, of which I hope to call mine.
You light up, a burning ember,
And into your flame, I surrender.
I invite you in, arms held wide,
Because eternity begins, with you by my side.
Hunter Bacon Dec 2014
The past few months have been so lonely,
Sitting here waiting for your call.
It was true when I said you're my one and only,
And I knew the risks, I was willing to take the fall..
Start of a song I've been meaning to finish.
Hunter Bacon Dec 2014
These shards of broken glass,
Scattered memories of the past,
Crashed upon this floor,
As you walked out the door,
On the edge of the boulevard,
You stopped to gaze up at the stars,
They reminded you of someone,
The day that something begun,
Well let me tell you the truth,
I saw something in them too,
The way they shined so bright,
In the middle of the night,
That reminded me of you.
We've walked through town,
Around and around,
From street to street,
Every corner we meet,
Every night we slept,
The tears we wept,
There all gone now,
Some way some how,
It's okay to remember these,
These faint old memories,
But remember to thrive in the present,
And never resent,
As we leave the memories of our past,
Like shards of broken glass..
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