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B Sonia K Jul 18
I got lost in my feelings
Which was lost in a song
This song I sang to her
But, she was deaf to my words.

Arms stretched wide
My heart opened
Whispering my feelings in a song
With Lyrics not too long
But, her enclosed heart rejected my words

Choking on the cloudy evening breeze
Accompanied by a cough and a sneeze
Croaking out words but no song
My feelings now left unsung
But, my feet carries the weight of my words

An explosion of my emotions in reverse
Rejection! not once, not twice
Her ways of rejection now diverse
The more I give,
The more I don’t receive
She is cold and ungiving
She is this world.
B Sonia K Jun 14
Try as I might,
I feel lost in myself
The myriad of empty rooms
Emptied in itself
Closed doors in my mind
I have trapped myself

Is there any hope
That I might find myself?
I am lost.
  May 10 B Sonia K
The fathomless Universe
Became her
Quantum of Solace
The Day
She cried
Tears of stardust.
Sometimes the universe consoles me when I feel sad...the stars are always there to make me smile :)
  May 10 B Sonia K
I traveled a distance
To see a great sage
With wealth only seen
In poor men’s dreams

I arrived at a shack
Broken and bare
I knocked and I entered
The old sage was there

his home was a sight
quite humble indeed
nothing extravagant
nothing to see

Where of the wealth?
-I asked, aghast
How can you live
with nothing to give?

Well what about you?
-He countered
Where are your things?
What do you bring?

But i am not from here!
I'm not like you
You see, I'm just passing through

He smiled and whispered
I'm passing through too.
Based on an old wise tale which i often think about. life is just a journey- what is important, and what is weighing us down?
B Sonia K May 9
I lift up my head
And see nothing.

I close my eyes
And see all that can be

But, eyes wide open
I stepped in doubt
And sank myself.
Don’t be afraid to believe in yourself.
On acres of  the dawn
I sow sun as seed
And the moon's face dark!

Then comes the night armada,
I sow my labour to the day, forced
To pay wages to the dark!

The day comes in whirlwind
Flaming coals to the eyes sore
I sow my unborn feet burnt!

A trip of irony running,
Carvorting in ectasy moon
In eerie season of unknown!
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