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Surrounded by darkness
Shadows after shadow
All in stealthy movements
Looking to devour the unknowing,
Cataracts of murky waters unfolding
To cultivate an abysmal knowledge of possession
Laying in wait

Surrounded by shadows
The unknowing gullible prey
Gallivanting in the coolness of the shadows
Traveling on unpaved roads
In company of the unseemly
Glorying in a flowery mask of gloomy interactions
A facade capturing the mind of a dunce

Sounds of laughter in triumph
Emanating from the shadows
A perfectly plan of possession
With full-on persuasion
Fastidious dressing on a palatable decision
Congratulatory claps and smacks
At a job well done
Oblivious of an impending failure
Coated in a ray of light

The sun rays stands at attention
Catapulting its existence
Into the murky waters
Shooting its rays through a pinhole
With boundless powers
Yet seeking a limitless entrance
With the unknowing gullible prey at the door
Holding a key in a game of indecision
Salivating over the promises in the shadows
And the fulfillment of lascivious desires

The sun awaits your attention
Banging at the door gently
With healthy promises
The high heavens can checker
With words spoken larger than life
Saturating every nook and cranny
With light, life and love
And a thundering presence
Annihilating every shadows is its path.

Doors open
A pinhole becoming a tearing limitless ****
The sun rays stretching forth
Inciting a dance with its panther like gait
Over-powering the sniveling shadows
Punctured deceptive walls left behind
Emptying shadows filled up with light
On its face a triumphant grin.

In the shadows
I opened the door to the light of the sun
I was the unknowing gullible prey,
B Sonia K Mar 15
Rising from the abyss of greens
Surrounded by murky waters
They stretch their arms wide
Basking in the warmth of the sun
Its welcoming rays
Erasing **** memories of their birth.
B Sonia K Mar 14
They saw me thinking
And expected something deep
But my thoughts I'll keep
Presenting a depthless surface
As transparent as lace
For my thoughts are heavily weighted
And my words?
They cannot comprehend
B Sonia K Mar 13
I once told a friend a secret
It reached all and strangers
across the great wide deep oceans
opened a can of worms
Some of which crawled back to me
Wiggling tails and flexing muscles
Inch by slippery inch
A brooding ocean on their backs
And I stood paralyzed in awe
As it overcame me.
B Sonia K Mar 1
Fortified with a **** for life
Twirling in this velvety taste of wine
Compressed in between squeezing bodies
On a fast pace through this rough road

Strange entanglement unraveling
Unbridled thoughts ceased in synchronicity
Captured in this twist of fate
Surrounded by unaligned thoughts
Moving in opposite directions

Together, our thoughts we amassed,
Lost in retrospect,
Minds occupied with past journeys
Travails we overcame,
Swimming through muddy waters
Our dreams almost blinded us

Absorbed into ever-glowing possibilities
A push, pull or spiral
Some to revealing lascivious desires
Previously dampened by propriety

Choices made and yet unmade
With unpredictable certainties
Picking up piece by piece
Dreams broken
And ideas torn in shreds
Lounging around in incalculable distance
In the aftermath of explosive criticisms

Drenched in the scent of maturity
Gold passes through fire
And we come out whole
An upsurge of determination
Aligned with our creative juice
And may the best ideas win.
B Sonia K Feb 24
It speaks words to me
Whispers of sounds around me
A carriage of voices exploding  within me
Floating in joyous harmony inside me
Lightens my feet and leads me
Into a sensuous dance it drives me
Arms waving like winded trees around me
A bright light shining upon me
It lifts me
And I levitate towards the light above me
A light I can only see inside me
In the words it speaks to me
All in this song, sang to me.
Walking in the furrow of a
a black night,
a brilliant sunny dawn rush
in in winds armada, smashing the congealed acidic cold of dubious clouds of the tyrant skies.

Then a wild wide smile, in a
wafting voice, fluttering with
bouts of excitement, on the earth
swollen face, raining down in gush
of balm of healing and love from
the celestial splendor , drowning
us in cherubims and Seraphims.
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