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BMJunior Mar 24
His glass-shard screams punctured the pulsing fleshy *****

creaking left to right from a rope of ****** handkerchiefs

streaks of fat and juice plunked onto a dilating glimmering circle

as a gasp-like sigh echoed softly around the chamber

reverberating heavily within the barren, carved-out cage

It dangled further down,

frenziedly pumping pomegranate-red blood through its narrowing bloated tunnels

yet seemingly lifeless  

The boy retched, twisting in the air

skinny limbs flailing,


swollen black veins

I awoke

He slumbered obliviously by my side

a opaque pool of drool collected on the crisp, white sheets

It was all for naught, a warning-infused dream
BMJunior Feb 2
from up above, on the oak tree

twitching its delicate nose
from down below, swatting at a frozen leaf
BMJunior Feb 2
Young palm fronds peer over the fairy-glass waves of the turtle tarn

Parallel golden strips lowers themselves into the mirror pond

Not a ripple in sight- a mask-draped chelonia sleeps inside
This is a sijo (similar to a haiku).

*Explanation: The first stanza's palm fronds are probably not actual palm fronds, but the plants looked a lot like one!

The second stanza depicts a real, but odd phenomenon in which the sun's rays move vertically downward.

The third stanza is about a turtle, or more specifically, an endangered sea turtle (which is a type of chelonia), that had died after eating a littered mask. Fun fact: the sea turtle's scientific name is chelonia mydas. The mask is "draped" over the turtle like a makeshift shroud. The carcass would have polluted the waters, which explains why there are no other turtles or any other living creatures.
BMJunior Dec 2020
globs of glass
twist and swivel in the sunlight

casting a smattering dozen clear pearls
across the slicked floor,
A thin frail twig bursts between the cracks of the dusty corner
emerging amidst sharp concrete and mist

a cold frost nips a bird on the beak,
whistling tales of cold teas and shimmery scarlet-entwined trees

Rooftops exhale, as ash whispers into the dawn sky
a sphere rolls across uneven slabs of dyed wood
before cracking, shattering
As three breaths sigh
BMJunior Dec 2020
here, and dye
all o'er the cities blue
- Past the fading sky hues .
a dark shadow rises from the east,
brews cold smoke into
whispering waters seeping into my sleep

sweet thunder cries
in the sea of a thousand peoples
raging in a strike
,formation unwavering
Marching in sync,
to the pulsing ache inside your head

sweet thunder cries
here, and bye
till not a single drop is left in the dripping sky
BMJunior Nov 2020
flicker in the party's fairy lights
padded feet fumble on the wooden porch planks
stars shine in the leave-shaped ruddy strokes
A rose-leaf complexion peers over
the sugar dusted tree tops
BMJunior Nov 2020
comes the rush of a sigh
whistling floats from the warbly call of a vireo
a hoarse shriek splits the silence
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