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25.5k · Nov 2014
Paper Boat
B Nov 2014
A paper boat to an open sea
A world still separating you and me
I wish you could join me here
And sit with me on this pier
We don't have to talk or think
Just watch the sun as it sinks
To where all good must one day go
To a place nobody seems to know
That's where I go, I hope you do too
Until then, I will sit and wait for you
17.8k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
Star so high, star so bright
Guide me by your light
Star so proud, of the night
Show me what is right
Star so gold, star so white
Direct now my inner sight
Star so sweet, of my plight
'Tween dusk and dawn, eternal fight
Star so wise, star of might
Help me know what to write
Star so aged, in your height
Reduce the sting of life's harsh bite
Star so far, be my kite
'Til sleep again doth unite
13.5k · Dec 2014
Haiku #5
B Dec 2014
Algebras never
Been my strong suit anyways
But dreaming has been
10.7k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
She was an umbrella -
When upright, she shed burden with ease
But when caught upside down, she held it all in
8.3k · Nov 2014
Burn Bridges
B Nov 2014
You burn bridges and take names
Playing love like its a game
You'll never be able to return
After all the bridges you've burned
You burn them trying to escape
That which is sealed in fate
I'll collect the charred scraps of wood
And build you a house for good
Maybe then you'll stop and realize
In fire, not everything dies
6.1k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
We've managed to connect stars into constellations
Reminders always above our heads
Of those six feet beneath our own
So the next time you look up at the stars
Know that they look back at you
And make constellations of us too
5.5k · Nov 2014
Cosmic Rollercoaster
B Nov 2014
The world spins without stopping
A cosmic rollercoaster of sorts
I never feel sick by that
But when I think at night
Of that time, now far gone
I feel sick and dizzy inside
5.3k · Apr 2018
B Apr 2018
I have a hard time writing about anger because ...

Anger is just sadness in a lower octave
Anger is a knot between the shoulder blades
Anger is a loud voice in an even louder room
Anger is a distant daydream gaze
Anger is a fire sustained by silence
Anger is hearing your voice in another body
Anger sounds a lot like "Sorry, I've been busy"
Anger is realizing busy really means uninterested
Anger is thinking you are in charge of your reaction
Anger is knowing you're a breath from bursting
Anger is breathing shallow to hide the shake
Anger is saying things you don't mean
Anger is not saying things you do mean
Anger is a fickle thing
Anger is just heartbreak wearing a cowards face
5.2k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
My jersey is worn
My pants are torn
My pads are busted
My joints are rusted
My shoes are old
My gloves were sold
My gear is out of date
My helmets not so great
I may not be the norm
But I still wear my uniform
4.7k · Nov 2014
Hammer Or The Nail
B Nov 2014
Unfurl your courage to the wind, like a sail
Begin a new journey, make a new trail
You can't look back or be afraid to fail
Are you proud of the story you will tell
When time shall lift to you its final veil
And ask, were you the hammer or the nail?
4.7k · Nov 2014
The Person Inside
B Nov 2014
Sometimes I feel like I'm a paper key
And you're a giant, cold steel door
I don't really know why it is I try
To unlock the person that is inside
Perhaps that's all I'm meant to be
I'm nothing less, and nothing more
These words are met by heavy sigh
But at least I can honestly say I tried
I may be a ragged old paper key
But somewhere there's a paper door
Asking, wondering, pondering why,
"Paper key, where is it that you hide?"
4.3k · Dec 2014
[10w] Dawn
B Dec 2014
Tired and hopeful
I soldiered on
Searching for my
4.0k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
Wind erodes rocks over time
Words fill voids over rhyme
3.9k · Dec 2014
B Dec 2014
When I was young,

The grass was greener
The sky was bluer
The clouds were whiter

But now that I'm older,

The bills are greener
The bruises are bluer
And the faces are *whiter
3.5k · Dec 2014
Monkey Bar Ribs
B Dec 2014
You use my ribs as your monkey bars
To make your xylophonic melody
Tarzan would be proud, I'm sure
You're doing well at the expense of me
Perhaps I've got a playground heart
And that is what I am meant to be
3.3k · Dec 2014
Take A Hike
B Dec 2014
Determination as a river flows
Bending to gravity and the like
There's no knowing how far it goes
That is, unless you take the hike
2.2k · Nov 2014
Hurricane's Eye
B Nov 2014
Even a hurricane has an eye
A small peek at some blue sky
Where is your eye, my dear friend?
Does your storm within ever end?
I will brave the white waters today
Thus, my safety and peace I pay
Plunging deeper, to your core
To bring you safely back to shore
2.0k · Nov 2014
Soft Message
B Nov 2014
A soft message is what you read
And yet you pay it no heed
Answer me now this question please,
Why was my heart's beat the one to freeze?
2.0k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
We are not a number
Be it test or wage or scale
Ultimately it is only ourselves
That we can choose to fail

They're markings for others
And not indications of our worth
First of which we are given
At our time of birth

When, at last, comes the time
Our final, absolute rest
The second number we are given
At our time of death

We are not a number
Don't take life too fast
Its not about the dates
Its all about the dash

1.9k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
Its Saturday night
Raindrops are my alcohol
And these tired thoughts
Are my hangover
1.8k · Dec 2014
Currency Of Esteem
B Dec 2014
Favorites, Reposts, Comments:
Currency of the cacophonous conumdrum carried onward in carnivals of catatonic cherubims trading virtual cadence for confidence and compliments.
To be read in your meanest rapper tone, ha
1.6k · Nov 2014
Brightest Star
B Nov 2014
Stars look down on Earth in light unfeigned
Judging not in kingdom or people reigned
They cast light when and where they please
Lighting even the darkest mood with ease
When I feel alone and cold at night
I look up to the stars so high for light
They haven't failed me yet, nor will they ever
Encouraging always, and following every endeavor
I hope you lie in the grass one summer night and stare
You'll soon find stars are not simply in the sky, but everywhere
It takes a fairly trained eye to see them below
And an even closer eye to see them grow
You don't see it yet like I do
But the brightest star I see is you
1.5k · Nov 2014
Sticky Memories
B Nov 2014
Some memories are sticky
Clinging to nerve endings
Disallowing their otherwise
Normal functioning
1.3k · Dec 2014
[10w] PSA
B Dec 2014

S p a c i n g
does not mean
that its a

1.3k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
Fondness makes the heart grow distant
1.2k · Nov 2014
Loudest Thoughts
B Nov 2014
I've got a mess of a mind as of late
Thoughts so loud, that I can't concentrate
They're behind my eyes and beneath my skin
So many now, both are wearing thin
But you don't know, for I don't show
The thoughts racing around below
Of all the noise they always make
I'll keep quiet for sanity's sake
You don't see, that in the course of a day
The loudest thoughts are those I never say
1.2k · Dec 2014
B Dec 2014
To stand strong in a world that rushes by
Is the hardest thing we'll ever do
So if you're asking yourself why
Remember, others are asking too
1.2k · Nov 2014
Christmas Gifts
B Nov 2014
Christmas is a special time of year
A time filled with festivities and cheer
All the wrapped presents under the tree
Topped with a golden star for all to see
But those gifts don't at all compare
To the people that put them there
1.1k · Dec 2014
Cancer Ward
B Dec 2014
I knew of a place in my dreams
I knew it because I'd been before
Free of loss and void of sorrow
So is it but a subtle scheme
When, in sleep, the memories soar
Swearing on the promise of tomorrow?
1.0k · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
Just as the ink of my pen
Shall one day run out
So too will my heart
But, in pursuit of yours
B Dec 2014
I think too much and act too little
Stuck in some kind of twisted middle
Why do I hesitate to act on thought
When it brings answers I've so long sought?
981 · Apr 2018
Haiku #8
B Apr 2018
Think I'm bulletproof
A thick skin and paper heart
But, I'm the reverse
907 · Dec 2014
26 Letters
B Dec 2014
Every word in the English language
Consists of a combination of 26 letters
All 26 escape me when I try to talk to you
What I do find comes out at as

About a girl I liked many, many moons ago.
879 · Jan 2015
B Jan 2015
I think I've got some neighbors
In houses that are on either side
But I can't say that I know
The people that live inside
Perhaps they moved out last month
I don't ever see them around anymore
Their car is gone and lawn unmown
And the dead bolts locked the door
Well, that's what my window shows
I havent been out myself to see
But I'll tell you one thing I know
I sure am sick of my complacency
859 · Dec 2014
[10w] Rabbit Hole
B Dec 2014
          The rabbit hole
            Of your daydream eyes
807 · Nov 2014
Rise and Fall
B Nov 2014
I've learned from life
If anything at all
That we can rise
Farther than we fall
786 · Nov 2014
Whole Picture
B Nov 2014
Its hard to see the whole picture
When you're just a part of it -
One color, one piece, one shape
Of a cosmic artwork
Strewn with stars and emptiness
Ever expanding and eternally mystifying
772 · Dec 2014
[10w] The Long Way Round
B Dec 2014
Oh dear, I'm a little lost again
Which ways home?
767 · Dec 2014
B Dec 2014
The devil went down to Georgia
But made a stop along the way
He tossed a rock and thought
Maybe... maybe not today

So your soul went free and safe
You dodged the devil again
So put the bottle or pill away
And never let the devil win

Its hard to see the open sky
If you've forgotten blue
But its still got days to shine
And so, my friend, do you
695 · Dec 2014
B Dec 2014
I do handstands for you
(I have to use a wall)
I do handstands for you
And you don't care at all
666 · Feb 2018
Haiku #7
B Feb 2018
It makes me anxious
How much I care about you
You've got hold of me
665 · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
As I passed a rock on my way
I said, it is dull and I am strong
I then went on, with no further thought
I crossed it's path again today
Weak and tired now, I was wrong
Realizing now, the lesson it had taught
617 · Nov 2014
Something Like The Moon
B Nov 2014
You're something like the moon
A celestial body swirling in space
A romanced loner marked with dunes
Forever enshadowed in the others face
Man came, saw, and conquered you
Your valleys and hills topped in rags
Earth's oceans have never looked so blue
But at least you're in the company of their flags
608 · Jan 2015
Rise Of The Sun
B Jan 2015
Fine, abandon yourself to the damnation of the flames
Igniting your painĀ in the grass in which you stand
While ignoring the water I put at your feet
I do not claim to be perfect, only that I care
And when you realize what you've done
When your weight becomes too much to bear
Know that even for sinners, comes the rise of the sun
556 · Nov 2014
B Nov 2014
Empty beds will invite heavy hearts
543 · Dec 2014
B Dec 2014
Being kind is being thoughtful, the two are one in the same
Not every battle is uphill, be grateful for those who care
Clouds and wind are looming, shortly falls the rain
But a world without a washing wouldn't look as fair
508 · Nov 2014
Heaven Send
B Nov 2014
I miss how magical the world used to be
I miss feeling that random and free
Miss it as I might, I look forward happily
Because in you, I see a little bit of me
You've taught me a lot about myself, friend
Unknowingly, my hurt and wounds you tend
A broken heart you've managed to mend
Only reminding me, you are heaven send
486 · Nov 2014
Please Don't Blink
B Nov 2014
I have words stuck in my head
Words I know that want to be read
But I can't make sense of what I think
You're ten years old and then you blink
I'm seventeen years old today
But forward is the only way
There's no turning back clocks
There's no key to all our locks
I can't seem to word my thoughts
I'll leave them in my mind to rot
Pick up the scraps and bury them in pen
Please don't blink too, you're only ten

475 · Dec 2014
A Rainy Day & A Pen
B Dec 2014
Can the blind not envision a world around them, or is their mind's eye blind too?

We mill about our world, flaunting our edges, acting like we have a clue

Pardon any offense, Sun. For surely I mean none by it

But with your absence, and rain taking your place again

I realize, if you want the genuine feelings of someone

Give them a rainy day and a pen
464 · Nov 2014
Sum Of All Pain
B Nov 2014
It isn't easy to pray at night
When worn by thoughts of old
It gives peace to my young soul
To know of a happiness foretold
If only all questions were quelled
And that evasive peace withheld
I might never feel alone again
Knowing anguish could never win
I am the sum of all my pain
A forest held green by the rain
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