B0NES 1d
On the poetic hills
Of love

We ride along


       For the world

We're building the strength

For it
    To fall

So we could get back up again
                                   And love
On the poetic hills
         Of bacchanal


              In alcohol

***** under our clothes

We ride along


       For the world

We're going to be strong
When everything goes wrong

And smile
When everyone is back
      In eachothers arms

While she puts on
Those poetic heels of love

We ride along

Pushing and fighting
      For mother earth

On the poetic heels of femme fatale

We write along


On the poetic hills
                        of love…

B0NES 3d
When I saw the light of the fireworks

The fountains
Showers of sparks
Shooting off
Into the night of space

They drew my eyes looking
At the art burning

When the fuse was lit

Suddenly there was a flame
And a sparked was touched

It rained constellations


The Grand Finale came
And it was like the sky was outerspace

Blowning up a million asteroids    

When she lights fireworks
She makes sure there is an explosion
in your face

And after a  loud boom You find yourself trying to resume you

But you can't

When I saw the light of the fireworks
Shine in the sky of her eyes

I fell in love with the way she looked at the explosions in mine
B0NES 3d
ηow is the hour
For that sileηt souηd

So loud
ηo one could hear it


ηo oηe could see it comiηg
It was already there

Hiddeη iη the eyes
Liviηg iη the air

Iη the ηow of the hours
B0NES 7d
Futility absorbed the entire funeral

A ghost named esoteric was spotted by a select few
B0NES Dec 4
Don't fucc around
                They said

These weren't words from my pastor
Written in red

But the message was there

                 If you fucc around
You eventually get fuct yourself

Middle fingers and knuckles

Sayin fucc the world

The world said fucc you back!

And said"
?who the fucc are you

D'ont fucc around

       Listen or learn
How to behave yourself

Because Mr.Hardway
Is always in town
Lookin for men

Who fucc around
B0NES Dec 2
I am here
The clock says
Day and night
In the same circle
I woke up again
Good morning
It says I'm here
Just like yesterday
The same kind of day
Year after year
The clock keeps repeating
The same chimes
I  hear
With the sunrise
The clock says
I am here
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