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B-J-M Feb 3
it is not words
not even laughter
not a smile
nor a gesture
an expression
or opinion

there could be
but silence
our stillness

it would still be true.
B-J-M Feb 3
we are stuck
between Scylla
we know the path we must take
I fear
we will ignore
the warnings

we are still off course
B-J-M Jan 8
there is no beauty
in the freshly fallen snow
it is all
a lie

it may appear
to be unblemished
but takes little
to disturb
the perfection

this is
a version
of what could be
but is
only temporary
cannot last

as we strive
to live it
our every action
spoils the purity
unveils the flaws
leaves us regretting
what we once tolerated

maybe next time
we can make it
last longer
snow winter depression perseverance lies false fake hope beauty time
B-J-M Dec 2020
it doesn't matter
how beautiful
the birdsong

all you want
to sleep
sleep depression anger beauty silence defeat
B-J-M Dec 2020
it turns out
we were hasty;
though we gathered wood
it was not nearly enough

those fires we had
burned bright
and true
maintaining such heat
proved harder
than imagined

at the start
were too much
too generous
burnt through
too quickly
radiating heat
enveloping us
in a false sense
of comfort

settling into this warmth
this temporary state
of contentment
the need for stoking
                for fresh wood
goes forgotten
as flames die
as embers dull

all it needs
is for someone
to reach out
into the cold
and awaken the fire
but it seems
no one
is willing
B-J-M Nov 2020
at one point
ranks of flowers
lined the garden;
none of which
i could name
nor did i care
to learn

at full bloom
staring into that kaleidoscope
those colours
and the shapes;
there was

looking now
the garden is
a palette
a spectrum of brown;
         brownish yellow
   greeny brown
      brown on
        slightly darker brown

the dog maintains eye contact
while defecating
on the flower beds;
this is also
strangely cathartic
B-J-M Apr 2020
the thing is
you never know
you'll be
or cursing

at least for now
i'm smiling
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