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Azathoth Sep 2021
I'm waiting for the world to turn,
For me to grow in another year,
My hair will get longer,
And my emotions will change,
Doing nothing while healing from surgery was so sublime,
But now I have to face the oncoming storm,
Of work and responsibilities that I hid from for so long,
Last year,
At this exact moment,
I was waiting for the same thing.

It makes me wonder,
Is this all that I will do?,
Wait and wait until I feel like I'm grown?,
I'm already 19,
Considered an adult by society,
Yet when I look at myself in the mirror,
I still feel like a child.

I guess I'm waiting for a moment that will never happen,
When the world sends me a sign,
A sign that will change my own self perspective,
So when I look in the mirror,
I can see an adult.
Azathoth Sep 2021
I am staring to feel that Salem sadness,
That I felt last year in the dorm,
I guess you can call it mental illness madness,
But it sure doesn't feel like the norm,
Lucy dacus says that she could **** him if I let her,
And Dan Barrett says no one will ever want me,
I don't understand the allure,
Of becoming who everyone wants me to be.
I got a tattoo at the end of last year,
A serial code for a replicant I love,
Sometimes I feel the same fear,
Illustrated in his face while holding a dove.
Bloodhail playing as I waste time,
In my new dorm,
Doing nothing while healing from surgery was so sublime,
But now I have to face the oncoming storm,
Of work and responsibilities that I hid from for so long,
Faces sweaty arms and legs what a glorious set of stairs this song makes,
I gained too much weight and no longer feel strong,
Guess I should have gone back to work and stopped indulging in things like cakes,
I'm trying not to eat that much anymore,
It isn't worth it when I feel too round and fat,
Just enough to sustain me and restore,
The energy that I spend doing this and that.
I no longer have hyperfixations on things I love,
it makes me feel so horribly empty,
I don't know how to fill my brain up with stories and men from above,
When it no longer brings me joy and won't tempt me,
Is this a part of growing up?,
Losing all the things you loved as a teenager?,
I draw a tarot card and I'll get the cups,
I can only sing in c major.
I guess I'm just starting to grow out of it all,
As scary as that sounds,
Will future me mourn for the current me,
As I mourn for the teenager that had created stories since he was born?
Azathoth Apr 2019
Covered in radioactive dust,
After the bomb went off,
Now mangled and taken back by nature,
A field of memories left to rot.

The man on the radio waves sometimes cries between songs,
They accompany your own,
And you feel like you can't even go on,
At least you know you aren't alone.

******* down rads everytime you breathe,
But the water will **** you,
Fight back the urge to dry heave,
This world is so old,
Yet it's so new.

People come and go,
The metal man,
And more,
They're always there if you need them though,
And try to help you settle your score.

Strangers lurk around every bend,
People in black with hidden faces and orders from the monster under the bed,
Ghouls with their minds long gone meet you at every dead end,
Its man versus machine,
And everyone wants the other dead.

Spies report to the big brother,
And by morning,
Their targets vanish into the night,
Friends, family, even lovers,
Gone without a sight,
Children go to bed without a kiss goodnight,
People live in fear that they won't see morning's light.

They'll split your pretty cranium the more that you know,
Fleeing to the north won't work cause they'll just send out a clone,
No one to stand up,
No revolucion,
Just you,
An electric toad,
And the fear of the unknown.
A poem about Fallout 4. Love the nuclear wasteland.
Azathoth Apr 2019
I am a prisoner to the rings magic,
As the elves sing a tale so tragic,
A fellowship of friends embark from the city of elves,
And on the path to a red glowing hell.

He gave me this ring with fear in his eyes,
A powerful magic that filled our heads with lies,
I must throw it into the fires of doom,
No matter the cost,
Leaving the shire, i must depart soon.
For I am a Baggins,
And we may wander,
But never get lost.

Look for me in the sky,
Look for me under the ground,
Look for me on the back of an eagle,
You will find me going westbound.
Just a small one about Frodo :)
Azathoth Apr 2019
Our paths have finally intercrossed,
I can see the apprehension on your face,
In another version of this story I would tell you that these moments will be lost,
But there is no sad music,
No tears upon your face,
Time does not stand still for us this time,
But living for me is still a crime,
I had a love that held me at night,
And you do too,
But she was killed in your fight,
Just like the rest of my crew,
We could have exchanged that moment on that roof that seemed to scrape the heavens,
But this isn't my time to recite poetry and talk about the way we have been fending,
And you've killed almost seven,
So if I must die in such a way,
Know that you could have been the one to put this to an ending.
From Roy Baty's POV to Deckard in Do Androids Dream
Azathoth Apr 2019
Find me,
Find me,
In the television screen,
Find me,
Find me,
In an androids dream,
Counting sheep as the hours tick by,
Counting sheep and wanting to die,
Cause i can't,
Sleep anymore,
I can't sleep anymore.
A small poem based off of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
Azathoth Apr 2019
The night holds me in her foggy embrace,
As I walk down this ***** alley,
It feels like someone else's tears are upon my face,
I dreamt music so sweet,
When she kissed my lips,
And we waltzed round the room.
She laid on my chest,
Listened to my heart beat,
Asked me if I ever dreamed,
When she was near the unknown ceased to loom,
She wasn't able to,
She only had memories of green.
In the back of my mind,
I know we don't have much time,
The unicorn that was left for me was a sign,
Suppose Rachael and I will go north,
To a place no one can find.
What I do know,
Is that I finally have something to call mine.
This is from Deckards point of view in the movie "Blade Runner" 1982.
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