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Azaria 1d
opening your arms
a venus fly trap
engulfing me with your
partiality and tiredness
we speak the
same language
when we're sleeping
we fall into the same
dark place and find

a compilation of
attachment styles
i want you
despite what the
experts say
changing signs at night
obscure traffic patterns
and pillow talk
i worry because
i can't piece you together
the best dream
discombobulated fragments
of woman
you loved me
the way a 19
year old needed to be loved
in the middle of self doubt
and ***-**** p.a.
a piece of work. i need work. and you're working with me.
Azaria Oct 9
every time you come into
my room/life
my tapestry can never
stay up
my brain can never stay aligned
not enough balance
to give but not too much
why is holding up love so hard?
intense and infatuated
in excess
because i don’t know
how else to love you
Azaria Sep 16
i have overreacted
my brain map
has melded together
50 states of azaria
becoming one
i don't know why
my mind goes
off in different
directions when
boundaries getting
jumbled like word salad
i trust you
you know the backroads of me
the secret shortcuts
to take
when i'm unruly
no one knows my jagged edges
my 4 seasons (fall, falling, spring, and summer)
quite like you do
the chicken crossed the road
and fell in love
and never has been the same since
Azaria Sep 13
defining intelligence
with your crinkled fingers
creating a better life
through music
and acquisition
einstein and quantum theory
tells like eyebrow
and the way you say you love me
strapping me down
the bed
our holy place
i have found comfort
in existing with you
Azaria Sep 3
seeking validation
like coming up for air
after being underwater for 6
like looking for the reminents
of yourself on your past lovers
collecting them up
like searching for the meaning of
life and getting ****** in the
understanding heartbreak
like birthing your feelings
a c section to remove
the security
the intimacy
the love
Azaria Aug 10
triple og bush
i love you
rolled up in your legs
post head-stiff-necked
lost in space
your dark body
your curves
originating from
the best of the
that created you

i want you
legs in heat
my tongue in
all of  your dark
lost in
layered folds
i want to  experience you for
the first time again

you told me you
have a feeling that
you’re going to die
mountain of woman
i want you
bad omens and post-apocalyptic
in the midst of
during death
and on holidays
Azaria Jul 10
the virtue of blossoming
i don’t want to have peaked yet
i lived this life over and over
with cycles and eras
coagulating together
like dried time
i want you at the height of
post coming out-post-*** glistening
positive static
your character the nature of
neutral separation
i’ve put you all together
in word fragments
lower case letters and
inconsistent punctuation
i want you on fire when
you love me
for real this time.
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