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Azaria Feb 14
a permanent feeling
of your flesh
enveloping me
your contact
the catalyst
in my pupal stage
i love you like the
essence of sunlight
and water
peeking through
the small cracks
tending to
my shortcomings
like temporary faults
the weight of your
presence resonating
like a cocoon
evolving from
your awakened warmth
and subtle creation
Azaria Feb 9
trying not to **** myself
like happy thoughts
and bad timing
life lessons on
the duality of
caught in the karmic
the good and bad of
me struggling
for dominance
and general unluckiness
frozen time like
longing for it all back
20 years and i've
mastered the art of
falling in love
and ******* up
Azaria Feb 9
standing your ground
against thursday-night
my bath-towel-clad-hero
struggle affecting
you are the good
with the bad
happening in
instead of 3's
where there's smoke
there is you
fire and potential
the inherent nature
of loving you
Azaria Dec 2018
i miss the quiet
folds of your body
your translucent
laughter and
tender skin
underneath my fingertips
like the half-black
pieces on a
i long for
the weight of
your arms
when i am sleeping
your still body
and bonnet
your form like
frayed hair and
frozen time
smitten with
the feeling of
your soft *******/
on my back
i am not afraid to
love you in dreams
or in reality
Azaria Dec 2018
i found 12:41
milo and quantum
i couldn't pass chemistry
in 11th grade
stuck in the act
of balancing equations
too much o2 taking
up all the space in
the air where
words are supposed to
form and make
things easier
pure scientific intelligence
the art of descerning
the oil on
skin leaving fingerprints
on the surfaces of things
only surface-level
too afraid to go any deeper
i want you on all levels
in all aspects without
Azaria Dec 2018
new wave thoughts
about me
no more writing
about love
for other people
12:41 and no more
writing about
all the ways my girlfriend
can't love me the
way i love her
before our time
little white men sold
her mind away
cerulean boat trips
from the promise
of emotional security
into the land of
avoidant attachment and
rich dreams of
comfort before falling
and living but
not feeling
how the **** do you
live if you don't feel everything?
i feel the beginning like
18 years of virginity
and broken starts
almost a lots and
never anythings
the middle like
sifting through
oppression and finding
the ******* and the love
intertwined like rice
in braided hair and
messages in old hymns
breaking bread like
whisper-talking through
the bad times
going down on
you parting
your red sea
like moses in heat
your breaths unfolding
like the duality of
old ***** spirtuals
and the interpretation of
the end like loving you
being nothing of a
born into a
system where black
love isn't enough
i bleed cognac for
when midnight
isn't dark enough
to capture
your mind before
it's capture
all the beautiful things
before 12:41 you
left back
in the motherland
Azaria Dec 2018
i like you beside
inside me
and around me
like air
absorb me like
your intellect
that becomes
you in a way that
water takes form
there's so much good
in you
that you should be
made into your own
a delicate hiatus
between spring
and summer
a gentle reprieve
for the songbirds
your warmth on
the best days like
a love letter to
the sun for
creating you
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