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4d · 79
Flaming clouds
Ayesha 4d
Bomb blasts filled the air
Concrete flew about
Rubble crowding the horizon
Corpses lying about
The air seemed still
No living being made a sound
Yet birds screeched in agony
As a murmur arose from the ground
"...the sky is on fire."
Based on a poetry prompt found on Pinterest, to write a poem using the phrase: "the sky is on fire".
Mar 12 · 51
Ayesha Mar 12
Rise up to the sky
Touch the stars as they shine
Luminescent burning rocks
Watch them glow a bright
Wish to be among them
But dull shies away
Hides from the world
Running from it
I don't know anymore... what am I really doing? It's like I know who I am but... I don't at the same time..
Not sure about the title either ~_~
Mar 11 · 186
Ayesha Mar 11
When they ask,
"Why are your shoes so *****?"
"There is a thing known as sand,
And it is very abundant in this land.
It flies from here to there,
Whilst getting everywhere."
It's an annoyance at times to dust your shoes every morning, only for them to become dusty on the walk to school itself.
Jan 26 · 506
Ayesha Jan 26
Freezing to your very bones
Chattering teeth, shivering forms
Huddled together
Around glowing embers
Does this seem incomplete or is it just me?
Jan 14 · 1.5k
Unknown yet Relatable
Ayesha Jan 14
Living like a shadow
Being the odd one out
Remarkable yet unremembered
Floating in my daydreams
Fighting off reality
Forgetting my priorities
Getting carried away
By life's necessities
And blending into the crowd
At the oddest moments
When sticking out is beneficial
Dec 2021 · 216
~Don't Give Up~
Ayesha Dec 2021
Let the stars shine bright
And don't compare
The way they burn
With the crackling flame
of your soul, your spirit
That stays a bright
Despite all the trampling words
Trying to stomp it out.
I should be doing my homework instead of posting/writing this but everyone needs a stressbuster one way or another right?!?
Oct 2021 · 209
Ayesha Oct 2021
I told you to stay
But you just drifted away
Locking away a piece of me
Longing for eternity
"Insolent fool", they'd say
Keeping me under control
Through threats of hurting you
Who broke me down
Tore away my infinite walls
Let the sun shine through
Bleeding hearts and desolate bodies
Uncountable feelings moulded into one
Million thoughts developing from resonate mind-sets
Oct 2021 · 558
Ayesha Oct 2021
Look down upon me
But I won't give up
Steal my heart
Confining me
Emotionally and Physically
Illuminations keep me awake
Stars shining bright
Lighting the sky
Crystal clear with diamonds
Ethereal beauty
Awakening to a breezy tune
Calming all nervous emotions
Bringing peace and harmony
Along with the river that flows gently
Aug 2021 · 515
To be Young
Ayesha Aug 2021
Sliding across this glass-like water
Feeling free, at last
Forgetting all worries
Burdens flown away
Light as a bird
Floating under the clouds
Snow flakes and ice skates
Running around
Aug 2021 · 115
Ayesha Aug 2021
When love dies
And all is drenched in red
When the vultures get closer
And black roses are in bloom
You can hear the cries of all that is young
And the old weep in silence
I don't know what I'm writing at times...
Jul 2021 · 100
Ayesha Jul 2021
A ripple that changes the outcome
A tide that washes away fears
A cleansing touch
A clear word
Jul 2021 · 194
_Hold on..
Ayesha Jul 2021
Even when the sun stops burning
There shall still be hope
And until the last with true faith remain
The earth shall not collapse
For when even one stands
It is better than none at all
A tribute to all those that take a stand when no one else does
Oct 2020 · 202
Ayesha Oct 2020
Your heart's deepest desires
in a flourish of words
that hold no definite meaning
yet touch you in a way nothing else can.
Aug 2020 · 109
Ayesha Aug 2020
Flowing freely like a river
Running deeper than a trench
Invisible yet oh so strong
Pulling you underground
Promising peace
A faraway dream
Breaking but not broken
Healing but not fixed can you be whole ... when some pieces are just missing?
Aug 2020 · 85
Ayesha Aug 2020
Looking for excitement in a desolate place
Searching for passion in a burning flame
Light the match lest it be overpowered
Scream out loud and not be silenced
Strengthen your will
Calm your soul
Bring peace from within
And conquer all
Nothing makes sense but at the same time all is crystal clear.
Jul 2020 · 115
Ayesha Jul 2020
Want to run away
Be free from myself
My thoughts and feelings
Conflicting yet comforting
Jul 2020 · 1.1k
First Rain
Ayesha Jul 2020
So fresh and free
Joy is spread
Calm is instilled
Heat withdraws
With drops of life
All is cleansed
Jul 2020 · 94
Ayesha Jul 2020
Trapped in an open meadow
Free with invisible chains
Pushed down by the sky
Pulled away from the ground
Caged by your own thoughts
Locked and broken
To never be seen
Don't show your true self
Hide it away
Jul 2020 · 77
Ayesha Jul 2020
I wish to hug the summer breeze
The gentle sway of the trees
Soft and blazing fire
High up in the sky
Lighting up everyone's path
Showing the hidden way
If you choose to follow
Know that you will be alone
Yet the changing seasons
Won't leave your side
Unless you push them away
The starry sky brings comfort
To the lost and lonely souls
Pushed away by those beloved to them
Being something not chosen
Or can comprehend
Don't you want to escape sometimes? From just about everything.
Jul 2020 · 87
Ayesha Jul 2020
Having second thoughts
On what you love
That which brought you peace
Seems to overwhelm now
Going under
Everything is so dark
Climbing higher
Yet falling back
Stripped of your identity
Given a mask
Told to fit in
When all you want to do
Is anything but that
It seems weird but online classes are having a bigger toll on the mind and body than normal ones. Especially since some teachers just dump more work than can be completed in the time given.
Jun 2020 · 136
Ayesha Jun 2020
Losing myself in this fabricated dream
Leaving behind the broken me
Forgetting all the doubts and worries
Heaving a sigh  of relief

Flying across the ocean freely
Nothing here to drag me down
The burden on my shoulders
Cannot compare to that on my heart
Jun 2020 · 467
Ayesha Jun 2020
Counting down and up the steps
Listening for another
Weaving through the restless crowd
Sitting together
Filled to the brim
With emotions of delight and wonder
Yet lonely, so lonely
Walking down a handmade path
Stalling for time
That's already lost.
Sometimes you feel so restless and at peace in the same moment that it doesn't even seem real. Are you awake or asleep?
Jun 2020 · 291
Ayesha Jun 2020
Summer days
Pass by
With the flow of time
Everything's changing
The air seems heavier
And fresher at the same time
The winds are calling out
Bringing the rain closer
A sad time for some
To stay locked up in
And freedom to others
To dance and sway
Under the gentle teardrops
Of the sky!
Jun 2020 · 443
Ayesha Jun 2020
Those memories
come flying back
Reminding you of the past
good and bad
happy with sad

Sitting in the corner
they play
You want to remember good times
but remember the bad ones

of People
of Places
of Loved ones
and Enemies

They last for all eternity
no matter what
Things may be forgotten
but memories are not
They stay forever!
Jun 2020 · 144
Ayesha Jun 2020
Benevolence buries under malice
Bitterness takes over love
Hate mixes with trust
All jumbled up
Confusing everyone
A rainbow of darkness
Carrying loneliness
Jun 2020 · 69
Ayesha Jun 2020
Life keeps going on
but memories stay
You may have passed away
but the relationship we had
will never go
Somewhere deep down
I miss you
Even though it has been five years

Most of the time
we spent together
passed away in awkward silence
Not knowing what to say to each other
Trying to start a conversation
when alone
was a bit confusing
to say

Still we had our similarities
with differences
Reading was a hobby
yet genre preferences
were obviously not same
I may not remember
What you did for me, when I was young
but our connection was stronger then

The only thing I regret not doing in your last moment
Was saying: "Goodbye".
In memory of my Grandfather who passed away in 2015 when he got diagnosed with Leukemia.
Jun 2020 · 78
Ayesha Jun 2020
I just wanna run away and hide
Leave all the hardships behind
Forget everything
Start anew
Wish for it to be easy
Peaceful and without difficulty
But then ...
How would it be a test?
How will we get to know our limits?
How do we learn to stand on our own?
It is easy to wish
Easy to dream on and make goals
But hard to reach them
They seem so far away
Like stars in the night-time sky
Dark clouds cover them up
A difficult road lays ahead
We need to stand up and defend ourselves
Support each other with all we have
Starting from today!
Jun 2020 · 110
Ayesha Jun 2020
Let the wind ruffle your hair
Calm your emotions
Bring you peace
Serenity filling your heart
Mind in a tranquil state
Reminiscing the past
Dreaming of the future
Living in the present
For it is a gift, that all get
But most are not aware of
May 2020 · 114
Ayesha May 2020
Take me far away into the night
Where fireflies dance
In all their glory
And light up the way
May 2020 · 71
Ayesha May 2020
It's a beautiful nightmare.
The wary depths you still have to uncover.
No living soul knows how deep it goes,
unless they lie right at the bottom.
Have yet to see the surface along with the light that shines upon all.
Have yet to see the starry sky filled with hopes and dreams.
See things from different perspectives.
Look far and wide for what you want.
Keep close those that you love.
Keep them safe from all the demons.
But show them those that you hide.
Make sure that they are the true.
That they will stay by your side like you will stay by theirs.
May 2020 · 86
Ayesha May 2020
When the stars dimmed out
The candles fading into nothingness
We ran through the crowds
Filled with despair
Hanging onto the last thread
Clouds turning into wisps of smoke
Wolves in sheep clothing
Taking away all those innocent
Devils hiding behind pure masks
Trapping and prying all those who seek
Help from an unknown desperate plea
Save those naive fools
Who knew not what was done
Happening in front of their blank minds
Faces filled with expressions
Emotions delight
Heard the blood-curling scream of the maiden
As the night followed
A deep red moon
Halting all hope
Long and everlasting
With all that crumbles to dust
Everything breaking down
Pieces of forgotten memories
Strewn across the floor
Oh who...
Who can save those...
Facing judgement from above?

— The End —