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  Jul 2014 Axonymous
We aren't family anymore. We never were.
We are just strangers living together.
In this broken house, with broken souls.

- a.c
Feelings today. Sorry for not making a poem for awhile.
  Jul 2014 Axonymous
She’s sitting on the edge of void
There’s nothing but her & her only
She screamed & yelled her lungs out
To the nothingness against her liberty
Why was she there? “What am i here for?”
She ran like forever hoping to see a living soul
In the frail state that she’s in she didn't lose her ardor
Rummaging for that unviable goal

"Is this a dream?Am I dreaming?"
She finally stopped to see where she is
Under the fabricated shades of existence
Feeding fragments of forgotten memories
A sudden influx of blood raining heavily
She’s now drowning in an ocean of blood
Trying her best to stay afloat
But she’s being hauled down furtively
But she didn’t meet her demise
She’s still alive

There’s no sign of obscurity
She’s now floating in the middle of nowhere
She heard someone called her name repetitively
There’s no one here
But the voice sounds familiar
She heard it everytime in her dreams

She tried to run, fly or any exertion at all
It’s like she’s ensnared forever in this downward spiral
That voice she heard all this time
Is now right in front of her

Flabbergasted and petrified
That voice she heard all along was actually
  Jul 2014 Axonymous
the little monster was quite the talker
  Jul 2014 Axonymous
rained-on parade
I want to be
an unforgettable thought
in your beautiful mind.
  Jul 2014 Axonymous
rained-on parade
You fell in love with me.

I just hope you jumped.
Not slipped.
Axonymous Jul 2014
He stands there,
under the rain.
Cares not about being wet,
or sick.
Cause inside,
he's more than sick,
just by seeing him with someone else.
  Jul 2014 Axonymous
i'm on the outside looking in
every time I think it's me,
this chance might be mine,
I'm left sideways & blind.

I saw her & thought she looked my way
but its a glance that always lands somewhere behind me.
A favored friend, I'm the good guy
that she never really sees.

A life of lost looks & opportunity.
tired of waiting to be
someone else's best company.
I'm more than u know,
my self you've yet to grasp,

**** All This ****,
Who I Truly Am would Knock You All On Your ***!!
A poem for Erenn
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