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Axiana Aug 2016
Drowned in frustration
Aggressive, contagious
A single thought lights up my flame
I rip off these tears
Involuntary impatience
Shaking, I succumb to my rage

Broken sensations
Ferocious and anxious
Any moment can ignite every pain
I let out a scream
As these mad hallucinations
Push me right back into this cage
Axiana Jul 2016
I am yours
Careening through the milky way
A flash of shadow against the sun
I am yours
Chaos compelling me through space
To tie off the unravelling I've done
I am yours
Through this life and beyond this plane
I'll find myself running to you again

Explosions embrace
I'm lost in this perfect place
Held in your arms, face to face
An oasis no other paradise could replace
Shattered remains of our loneliness
Fall apart and disintegrate

Inside our silent glances it's love unspoken
A shimmering, unbreakable promise opens
I'm yours
I'll reveal every one of my emotions
From inside my galaxy to this universe
Even when it hurts
You'll find a hand reaching for yours
I'll be the one finding you first
Our hands shake, both beautifully broken
Feeling found within the others devotion
Axiana Jun 2016
Loosen the noose,  I'm ready to live
Unlock these chains I once begged you for
Collapse the walls I've had you build
Release the animal, it's tired of hiding
I'm ready to run
Headlong into the shadows
Away from the other one
I'll devour all I've withheld from
My crumbling spirit has decayed
Replaced by something raw
A ripened, dripping rage
And blood I will draw

Ready to show this true nature of mine
The dominant monster
A shiver up every spine
A nightmare unfostered
Beneath my heel you'll find
The weakest imposters

A vision of blackest beauty
I am everlasting insanity
Every demand followed
Every heart hollowed

I'll make you crawl
I'll pull you down
You'll heed my call
I'll watch you drown

Well beyond the depths
And through our cores
I'll go to hell
Unlock all doors
Gather an army
Of oaths unsworn
My will unleashed
A chaotic force
Axiana Jun 2016
I'll never control this full fledged sickness
The dark will sneak past all my defenses
My demons will fight off all happiness
Even as I smile, I'm losing grip

Gathering all six of my withering senses
I prepare for the oncoming crash
Groped by invisible demons
Whipped by flashes of my past

I'm drowning out all the reasons
To stop fighting this back
Banished into corners of pain
Only to be coaxed back into shame
Ghosts of my reality laugh and laugh
As I struggle to fight against the grain

They are so unafraid of my strength
Unlike me, nothing terrifies or paralyses
They are empty shells
Shooting through a broken fence
And disconnected from any confidence
I let them break me apart again
And I let them shatter my remains
I let them torture me another day
Because granting permission
Just has to be better than
Admitting I'm insane
Axiana May 2016
Heal this crushing guilt, I am so ashamed
It's all I can do to hold my heart in place
Blood has spilled, I'm the only one to blame
And I am alone in my own cold embrace
Withering like the fighting winter rose
I am barely breathing, raw and exposed
But this soul has been yearning for growth
And I'm not strong enough to fight it  

Somebody please revive me
Pull me from this apathetic sleep
When the moon is full and bright
Don't let me escape
Lost dreams can't keep me alive
Don't let me fade
When you can make out every last star
Don't let me hide
I'll run, stumble out, throw up my arms
Screaming at the sky
Show me a new way to live
Look upon my shining scars
And teach me to forgive
Axiana May 2016
Long walks just to join the sunrise
Headphones are narrating my mind
The morning birds are serenading all the happy, waving passerbys
In our own way we're all taking flight
Preparing for spring to ignite
Coffee, tea, and warm, sleepy smiles
Ready to escape into a clear blue sky
And lie on the only beach for miles
We're counting on the days flying by
Waiting for another small town summer
Axiana Mar 2016
Caught up with myself today
Came around the corner
And there we were
Staring at us
Standing unafraid
Each step towards each other
Is another star colliding
Secrets to rediscover
Coiled truths unwinding
Cracking masks beneath my feet
I reach for the hand that's always held me
I thank the old illusion but
These false identities
Distorted beliefs
Past catastrophes
Are being released
And won't be integrated any further
With my permission, I am now free
Smiling, she handed me my soul
I stood in awe
Wondering how I had left for this long

Time to let go
Together, until I am whole
Return to my roots so I'll continue to grow
And stretch far across the night sky
I'll walk only the finest line
Even though I'll be terrified
This is a leap worth taking
As my two halves softly combine
We whisper
"I've been waiting"
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