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Sisters in the forest,
Give omens,
Of goodness and greatness.
They fill me with hope.
As their prophecies come to life.

A dagger in my hand,
Sticky red, dripping down.
Where am I?
I am home,

Is dead.
His sons have now fled.
My wife smiles wide.
Sickeningly sweet.
I can see through.

The points of a crown,
Alighting on my head.
The king is dead,
All seem cheerful,
But where is Banquo?

Gone. I think.
They said he was gone.
But the nobles are laughing loudly.
Banquo couldn't possibly be gone.
In fact, I can see him sitting at the table.

They're ignoring him.
I don't understand.
I'm simply talking to Banquo.
The nobles seem concerned,
But my wife is shaking me, angry.

Banquo is dead?
When did that happen?
Somethings wrong,
The forest is pulling me back.

To the witches.
They're voices say victory,
But they're laughing.

Why am I so alone?
My friends, are gone.
Where is my wife?

She's left too, I suppose.
The war is growing close,
My attendants say.
England is coming to fight.

Steal the territory.
I will defend it to last breathe.
Duncan and Banquo's death,
Will not be in vain.

Who has my sword stabbed?
They are but a child.
Where are the men?
Is England so low,
That they send children?

My friends,
Look at my with disgust.
What did I do.
When did I get blood on my hands?

The witches said something about him.
He killed Duncan and Banquo.
I know it.
I know now--
Thought about a different perspective. Didn't want to do the set English task. Comment any suggestions/changes I should make.
Lots of bubbles,
Sparks and giggles,
Fill the warm, nighttime air.
Illuminated by candles,
The tempo seems to slow,
As I take her in my arms,
Take her lips in mine,
And breathless,
She responds,
As the candles die down,
The light replaced,
By a stream of stars.
Raven wings,
Plucked from their inky black bodies,
Ooze blood when used.
Hold your breath girl.
  The air is running out.
      Bubbles floating up.
         Oxygen warnings signs,
            Flash red,
                Illuminating the water,
                   Blood red.
                      Where's your helmet girl?
                          Why do you sink so slow,
                              Into the deep, dark crimson-blue?
                                 Little girl,
                                    Where have your bubbles gone?
There shines a light,
Pure and bright,
Way out in the darkness.
I stumble through some undergrowth,
Hoping to regain my bearings.
As I draw close,
The fire seems to grow bigger,
From here it looks more like a bonfire.
The forest seems to close on me,
As I struggle forwards,
Closer to the fire,
Closer to the light.
Something is turning,
Above the fire.
Too big to be an animal.
It seems to slow,
And I rush forwards,
In time to catch her face,
Charred and scarred,
Nothing left of herself.
The shadows around the fire,
Ignore my presence.
They have their food.
It's too late,
And out here in the forest,
I could do nothing to help my friend.
Spiralling angels,
Falling down,
Into a place,
Below the ground.
Their shining light,
Burning bright,
Across a midsummer sky.
Near human,
They said.
Observe the teeth,
More canine-like,
Than human.
And examine its ears,
They appear to be,
More evolved.
            What do you mean by "more evolved?"
                         This wasn't here before.
                                          It couldn't possibly exist here.
                                                   Could it be from the future?

No. It is simply,
More evolved.
Mutated perhaps.
It's all just chemicals
and radiation leaks
here anyway.
The chance to mutate like this
Is one in a billion.
There's a reason,
That there aren't many,
Of these humans.
Outside the zones anymore.

                                I thought humans went extinct eons ago.

The originals did.
This thing has probably mutated,
After its ancestors mutated.
And their ancestors mutated.
This is entirely different.
A brand new specimen.
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