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I can't believe it
I've waited for this moment all my life
I've waited for her to break his heart
To leave him

But why?
Why do I feel pain?
Why does it hurt?
Why am I not happy?

Maybe it's because he's hurt
He feels pain
He's not happy
Maybe that's why

I can see it in what he writes
He still loves her
Cares for her
Wants her back

Or maybe it's the fact that he's  still not mine
Or it's because he still loves her
Or he doesn't notice me as her replacement,
it's because he sees me as a sister or a friend

I might not be those things
But for me he'll always be

Him is someone
Smile, smile, smile,
It's all they want you to do,
they don't care what you feel,
they don't care what you'll do.

They just don't want your burdens,
they just dont want to understand,
lucky for me,
their carelessness I withstand.
Don't know you, don't know me
Poetry  is  the


song for human being

and it make cool down

no fire can warm it.
O Brightest and Luminous Supreme
     Ignite us with Divine and absolute Truth.
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