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Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
Sometimes in life we must go our sep'rate ways,
And I hope you understand that that's ok.
I wanna thank you for all you've done for me,
And dont you ever say that you're sorry
'Cause there's only one thing I want to be:
A smile-worthy person in your memory.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss
  Aug 2018 Autumn Fyre
J B Moore
He was a man of ambition, a goofy look on his face,
He had just arrived to a new and foreign place.

But this was a cold place, masked by the sun
It beat him down until he wanted to run.

He was looking for love, lost and alone,
So he clung to the first girl he could call home.

When they first met it was love at first look.
If love is a drug then oh, boy, was he hooked.

He couldn’t get enough, but she couldn’t care less
He was unaware that his world was a mess.

They tried to warn him, but couldn’t get through.
His world was a lie he insisted was true.

She turned him against them when they persisted.
She toyed with his heart and got his mind all twisted.

Abused and berated he still thought it was right
Even though all they could do was fight.

Over time we had to leave him to his devices
Only he could find the way to conquer the crisis.

Once, I checked up on him to see how he was
It was the same drug different name, for that’s what he does.

It’s not offten you witness an abusive addiction,
But a drug like love can be a strange affliction.

Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
Sometimes I wonder what it's like
To love someone with all your heart
To stare deep into their eyes
And never want to be apart

They say loved lost is better
Than never loving ever
So I guess I've got the short stick
Am I stuck this way forever?

Some people say I am too picky
And many asked me out
But I'm still waiting for someone
Who I can love without a doubt.

(But again I ask myself
Is that feeling of elation
Really a love so true
Or just infatuation?)
Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
For all the sadness in the world,
For all the suffering we behold,
For all the pride and hate and more,
Our lives are still worth fighting for.

For dappled shadows from the trees,
For lovely pastel autumn leaves,
For summertime humming bees,
We can live for things like these.

For stars in clear winter sky,
For snowflakes which softly fly,
For all the things that live and die,
These can be our reasons why.

For wishing that someone will care,
For love to have and love to share,
For spreading kindness everywhere,
Where there's life, hope is there.
Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
When I was a younger kid
People were nice in all they did
They'd wave and smile on the street
To people who they'd never meet

And when we went to the store
Old friends would smile once more
Visits were commonly made
While outside the children played.

But nowadays people will stare
When you smile, they will glare
Where did old fashioned manners go
And all the people we did know?
Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
There's this voice inside my head
Spilling thoughts of hate and dread
For all the loving people dead
I do not follow but I am lead

Curling up into a ball
Wishing I could stop it all
Others erected this wall
And I can't seem to make it fall

Unhappy with my curse
I reach and cry and make it worse
Silence gets me nowhere of course
Yet neither does my desp'rate verse

I don't believe in despair
But life just seems so **** unfair
With such my luck, I swear
I can't just say "laissez faire"

But **** this all, I won't lie
All I touch goes awry
So ev'ry day I end by
Hanging my head with a sigh
Autumn Fyre Aug 2018
I don't know how to deal with life;
It seems I cant do anything right.
While one moment is full of bliss,
The next is tinged by bitter kiss.

When things are going beautiful,
I find wrong and ruin it all.
Where should I draw the line?
I thought my standards were just fine.

It's hard to be morally strong
When people say I'm doing wrong
By expecting them to be good,
While deep down I know I should.
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