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  Feb 2020 Aurora Camet
Stained Glass
Some people aren't good at asking for help, they're so used to being 'the helper.' Throughout their life they've experienced an unbalance give and take, so their instinct is usually "I'll figure it out on my own". The self-reliance is all they've ever known.
Aurora Camet Feb 2020
The sun beams down,

Onto the dry ground.

But leaves will soon fly,

Through the navy blue sky.

But soon the leaves will turn to snow.

Fall will come and it will go.

And as the snowflakes fall in my face,

The world is turned into a colder place.

And finally the snow will melt,

And the warmth is once again felt.

Rain will fall but thats alright.

Because soon there will be light.

The seasons will change,

Just like humans will rearrange.

Change if you feel it is right.

Because in the end, you too will be bright.
A poem about change
Aurora Camet Feb 2020
Leave the past to the past.

Because it hurts to be reminded

Of the time I was blinded

By the dark shadow you cast
A line that will be used in a poem.... someday
Aurora Camet Jan 2020
If I lose all colours

Will you still be there?

Or will you leave me alone

And hurt me?
  Jan 2020 Aurora Camet
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Youllneverunderstand me
Aurora Camet Dec 2019
You were to one who decided to go.

And yet you crawl back to me.

After I finally thought I was free,

you still think I don't know.

I'm not dumb, I remember what you've done.

I remember how toxic and manipulative you are.

I remember all those emotional scars.

Is this your idea of "fun"?

Manipulating. Making people love you.

Then breaking their hearts and being mean.

Gotta admit, you're pretty good. I fell for your evil scheme.

But know now what I can do.

I'm cutting ties with you my "friend".

And I hope that your nasty plan will end.
Wrote this with an ex-friend of mine. They literally text me after TWO MONTHS of ignoring me and beg for forgiveness. They were also a toxic friend and yeah. Gotta rant about that.
Aurora Camet Dec 2019
You were the shelter to my storm.

You saved me from the outside threat,

and inside you kept me warm.

Together, we watched the sun set.

In your arms I felt safe from,

the raging storm outside.

Wondering  what we will become,

of me if you left my side.

But for now, can we stay like this?

Until the storm outside goes away,

let's continue this everlasting bliss.

Please. Could you stay?
Short, sweet and for some reason took forever to write...?
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