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 Sep 2020 Aseel
Saïda Boūzazy
أمواج الليل تغمرني  
تقص عليا  أساطير  الأولين
تبوح باسرارها الرنانة  
تتلو عليا ألحانها العذبة  
راحت تغمرني حتى غدت مني و فيا  
صرنا مزيجا  متراكما كتراكم الحنين بعد الفراق !
تحدثني في صمت  
تخبرني أن بعد العسر يسرا
 Sep 2020 Aseel
 Sep 2020 Aseel
To be a writer
Is to burn with words,
tiny living birds risen from our ash and dust, because we must.
We take a part of ourselves and give so that we can live and fly and fill the smoky amber coloured sky with wings,
although we know not why.
 Jun 2020 Aseel
 Jun 2020 Aseel
i don't understand it
but i can tell it's beautiful
 Nov 2019 Aseel
Chandra S
Have you ever been amazed,
when a gentle wave
from the sea
softly kisses your feet
and breaks
an unfinished day-dream?

By the time
you look down,
it has already receded
back to its ocean;
taking back
the healing tranquility
it had brought
with it.

You can neither
hold it back,
nor can you become
a part of the ocean;
if you wish to be
and to dream

All you can do
is to wait
for another wave
to splash you
with the taste
of the sea.
 Sep 2019 Aseel
e reed
a fool
i am
  to convince myself
  that the words that flowed
  like the sound of a perfect melody
  from your lips,
  were the words
  of an honest man.
 Sep 2019 Aseel
Alex B
it’s hard to tell
where it ends
and “I” begin.
 Aug 2019 Aseel
Lynn Al-Abiad
Sometimes I just don't know who you were or what holes of my memory should I fill you in.
It irritates my skin and scratches my throat.
How much did I love you for you to be this absent, to be ghost-like, almost flesh and bones that never were.
Yes, I'm grieving inside, but I love you even if I can't remember you.

- LynnAA
I miss you.

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