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Atlas Nov 2021
It's hard
To just
Eat right or drink things
Or hydrate
Because I don't have a reason to stay
Do I?
I'm not saying I'll go
Because they need me
But do I need me
That's the question I wish
I could ask myself one day
Atlas Nov 2021
Tell me a story
One of kings and queens
Or a story of lovers and fighters
Or maybe the story of how we met
Because my memories
Are fading
Atlas Jun 2021
We run around in a field
of hope and sorrow
hoping one day to escape the imprisonment
of the ones who are supposed to love you
We are hunted and chased by those people
when they only want to put you down
so call me a danger to society i dont care anymore
its not like you did anyways
we all seem the same on the outside
but you wont ever realize
how bad youve hurt me
I used to want to be like you
but now i know
that all you are
is a manacle *****
with no respect for anyone
not even yourself
Atlas May 2021
I have for a bit
and i cant tell you face to face
or on text
so here i am because i know you follow me
but you arent on enough to see this?
but if you do
im glad we were friends and hopefully still are
but you graduated
and you move soon
so im not sure when ill get to see you after you move
but for now im just here
Atlas Apr 2021
you wont know
how bad it hurts
how im trying so hard not to cry
youre barely on here anyways
so maybe its safe
you wont see this.. Right...?
am i just
For not telling you?
that i like you
and i have for a while?
but you like her
and im glad youre happy
ill always be here no matter what
Atlas Apr 2021
why do you?
im glad you do
but why?
im not much of anything
besides a friend
and thats all ill be
Atlas Mar 2021
We arent here
                                                                                        I dont believe that
Then dont
                                                                              why cant we just be normal?
because we havent been
                                                                                did i do something wrong?
Not yet
                                                                              am i gonna forget them?
                                                                           I dont wanna forget anyone..
Then dont
                                                                                   youll stay right?
We cant go anywhere my dear
                                                                                  she cant hurt me anymore
never again will she
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