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Just like the firefly
who was enthralled by the flames
I was undoubtedly drawn to you
Without any second thoughts
You were my favorite kind of escape
The one I sought for endlessly
But you were poison in my veins
You made me do things
heaven would never approve of
and you knew the consequences
So you decided to leave me to die
With the flattery of your words
As you anomalously walk away
From me and my shadows
and I continue to ask myself
Over and over until I fall asleep
Why did you have to go?
"Make new friends"
They said.
Yeah. Right.
So they could leave you
Once you've grown too attached
To the memories
To the promises
To them
It's a special day
For you and I
As you get ready
For the ringing bells
Of the church
And I,
Get ready for my
First day at school
once in a while
they’ll ask me if i’m over him
then casually shifting the topic
to the new girl
he’s been hanging out with.
Like how she was
the epitome of the girl of his dreams
how she could have made any man
yield to her desires
how he wished I could be more like her
My friends inconsiderably talking about him
while I bite my tongue
hoping they would stop for a second
and think about how much this conversation
kills me more than my vices
He was the best mistake I made
falling for a man who smoked
his dreams to grey
You know what's funny?
When you tell me you love me
But you ****** her anyway
It's 3 am in the morning.
You're either hungry, depressed, *****
or all of the above
I wish right from the start
I've known how ****** up our relationship is
With all the mistakes imprinted on your skin
The bitter taste of your lips
The intoxicating scent of your perfume
How it ***** me up
While your fingers caress my thighs
Confusing me with love and lust
Telling me all about your ****** fantasies
As we try to recreate everything
In your messed up head
Trying to please you
Whether be it in the the most inappropriate places
It doesn't matter
I'm always drunk in the idea of having you
In anyway possible
I want you but you clearly have forgotten
The way you left electricity traveling through my skin
It's unfair to leave this like this
I wake up every morning with a glass of wine
While you wake up with a different chick
Who probably thought you were a cool guy
But in reality, she only knows the wolf in sheep's clothing
She doesn't know the mediocre strings you pull
On a daily basis
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