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Asunna Jan 4
It's a bittersweet feeling as the illusion seeps through.
Red runs, dribbles, streaks;
travels into the distance.
Crimson molds and darkens the stem,
corrupts the root of all that is numb.
The river flows between the northern mountains,
one catastrophy laid to rest after another.
Water dilutes the strength of pain.
also washes it away.
Another layer, dose me up
The illusion helps to breathe it out.
Black drops of intensity,
the final touch
maybe this will get the pain to stop...
Gaze at its beauty,
wash it away,
start all over; it's the only way.
Dip the pallette just once more,
Down the leg,
exile the pain.
It's all i'm asking for..
Asunna Dec 2019
I love a sunburnt country,
but now the land's ablaze.
the oxygen we breathe has turned to dust
yet our request for help is denied.
I love a sunburnt country,
but there's not much left to last.

Firefighters aren't getting paid,
Neither are their bills.
yet our leader claims we're all fine
but he can afford to jet away.

The wildlife is damaged.
Koalas are losing homes.
much like the population
as the fires rip through their walls.

I love my sunburnt country,
but this has gone on too long.
while it's nice you're in hawaii Mr. Morrison,
everyone else is left to stand alone..
Asunna Nov 2019
I know you, you don't know me.
I sit here and read your poetry.
Daily basis, log in to check
See how you are,
carry on with the day.

You talk about wanting to reach out,
I think about doing the same.
You hurt me bad,
I hurt you worse
The systems been corrupted.

I read your pain.
I feel it too.
Throw my heart into the compactor.
I wish i could bring myself to say hi,
but solitude and alarm bells control me.

2 years is a long time.
we're slowly drifting to 3.
You don't know me.
I said it before,
just a hallowed shell, I'm empty.

It's easier to hate,
crippling to love,
emotions become catastrophic.
I think about the damage done,
all i have is "I'm sorry"

Maybe i don't know you.
Have you really changed?
your words are different,
but the tone is the same.
But, I'd be lying if i said i didn't miss it.

Lungs lined with salt from all the tears,
medications to try controlling the fears.
I type up the words to say hello,
I Paralyze.
1000 consequences all say don't.
back peddle hard, i click away.

Maybe tomorrow's another day.
Based off an old friend.
Asunna Sep 2019
Maybe one day you'll feel okay.
But for now just sit and harbor the pain,
You'll be better for it in the end.
One day you'll be stronger than before.
But today vulnerability is a-okay,

Because in the future nothing will be able to conquer you.
Asunna Aug 2019
Zodiac sign, written in the stars,
Fate's not too kind for this fragile heart.
How does one deal with the critical blow,
Both parents, same day
Same anatomy..
How is it that this one day both my parents tell me they have cancer.
Statistically how. It blows my ******* mind.
Stars aline, like ****.
Whats the point of life.
Early 40s and they just might die
Good thing im already dead inside..
My parents live 6 hours from each other, dont talk to each other, yet they both have cancer in the same place amd they both told me today. How does this ******* happen. How.
Asunna Aug 2019
Petals in my hands
constructed of your favourite novels.
They tell the stories of bloodshed,
the leaves lined with conflict.
Stem, twisted in contempt.
Yet the petals in my hand,
affection and care.
Delicate work of love,
how it warms these hands.

To you, I share this rose,
Made from your favourite novels.
Whilst the fiction of catastrophy lives on,
may these paper flowers show my heart
Asunna Aug 2019
Have you ever seen the pain?
Knees cut up from the worn tar,
yet not a soul for miles.
Heart in my hands,
watch it beat, it's drenched in rain.
Blood travels, aches as I see,
see the cavity living inside.

Have you ever seen the pain?
love would be warm, but yet i'm alone.
destined to a life of failure.
destined to be a disappointment.
Squeeze the heart, it's tougher than you think
but watch my blood travel thick.
It's hard to tell what I feel,
each beat brings me closer to death
every drop of rain clears the heart,
and every scar is revelead.
How am I alive?

Have you ever seen the pain?
betwixt my palms, do you see the pain?
Panic grows, stuff it back in,
the cavity must be filled.
Even if I feel nothing at all,
it'll only infect me again.
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