blue 4d

a lover
of love

blue Nov 11

show me the sky you see
in your dreams so
i can see its color
and drown it it
or let it burn me
depending on
its hue

blue Nov 11

what can i say
you’ve got me
wrapped around
all of your fingers
at least twice
and i’ll never
come undone

blue Nov 10

i want to show
you the things
in my brain
and i want to see
the things in

blue Nov 8

of course you are
carved from marble
your hands and your fingers
still intact because you
were built to last and
they put diamonds
in your eyes and took
special care to carve
your eyelashes to
be soft
softer than mine
and softer still
than the most gentle breeze
in may
and your marble skin is
even softer
than that

you are beautiful
blue Nov 6

get out of my
head so i can
write this fucking

blue Nov 4

i want to be encased in
i want
the evidence preserved
to show how far
i've come
i want
to be
and i want to be
i don't want to be made
or saved
maybe i do

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