blue 6d
am i a deep kind of violet
do i swirl like milk clouds
in coffee
when you think my name
and am i cool toned
like smooth shells
half buried
blue 6d
don’t worry don’t worry
and let me go
follow those bubblegum rules
and listen to the person
you were yesterday
as if you were
so much wiser
blue May 25
i drew the thing i saw
when i closed my eyes
infinite space and
everything changes
blue May 14
i worship the sheets you sleep in and
the mirror behind your bed and
i am just lucky you haven’t forgotten me
lucky i made you smile with
those lips
lucky my heart is too big for my chest
lucky my heart is bleeding
luckily it hasn’t burst
blue May 2
wheels can turn
with the fury of rushing water
but i’ll never arrive fast enough
never with enough sleep
to spare
the sun burns my groggy eyes
and i remember  
what i forgot
blue May 2
soft words
but it’s the sweet kind
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