blue Mar 22
i guess it’s more than waiting for the tide to come in
maybe it’s waiting for the sea to swallow me whole or maybe
i should stop lying in the sand looking up
and just find you
so i can see you with fresh eyes
blue Feb 26
can’t look directly at your white hot heat burns my eyes burns my soul maybe makes me weak maybe hurts my hands makes me sing in a public place for awhile before i catch myself catch myself sighing catch myself feeling myself maybe thinking about you while i feel myself maybe i’m crazy maybe you’re crazy or maybe the sky tonight is the darkest blue it’s ever been and maybe that has something to do with it
blue Feb 25
i have no idea what to say

my brain doesn’t work
right now
but i love you
blue Feb 14
i’m a secret
so keep me
under your bed
and take me out
at 3 am
and drink me
with a bottle of wine
blue Feb 12
how am i supposed
to concentrate
on anything
when inside my
head all i
see is you tasting
wine from
my body
taking me in your
hands and telling
me what you
want me to do
and i know
you're right
when you tell me
"you're mine"
blue Feb 11
it builds and
and it gets so thick that
it consumes you
unable to breathe because it is
so hot and so much
so much goddamn
blue Feb 11
i’m an idiot
because you still consume
all of the space in
my brain and
everything is still you
and i can’t listen
to the beatles anymore
without feeling
and i have daydreams
of being outdoors with you
i’m taking your photograph and
you can’t stop smiling
and i don’t know why
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