Sarah 4d

i just want
to tell you
i am sorry
i’m sorry i’m in your way
i am sorry because i
exist here
i feel you would be so happy
if it weren’t for me if
you never met me, if
you only had her, if
you skipped me entirely, if
i never said a single word
could have forgotten me three
years ago but

i wouldn’t change
all of this is mine
and it is yours
there is something about
permanent, opaque, necessary  
i will never be able to shake you
and i will never try)

Sarah 4d

i want intimacy
in any form
and i want it from you

Sarah 5d

i feel like i
grew up
loving you
you're constantly crossing
my mind when i'm
standing in line
making breakfast
half awake in the shower
laying on the ground outside
     just taking on the rain
     just letting it drown me and letting it
     remind me why i always feel

Sarah 7d

i am sitting in
a parking lot
staring at a wall
i see you there
in all of your
and in everything that
makes this
so hard and
i wonder why
certain things were said
the other night but
i guess i should
chalk it all up to
the rum

Sarah Jul 19

i cannot breathe because
what if you don't
come back

Sarah Jul 18

this is what i wanted i
begged you for three
years and now i
will wait on the
shelf until
you need me
i swear
i will not move from
here and i
will never
make a

Sarah Jul 12

do i want to heal
or do i want to rip myself to

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