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She wore midnight in her sleeves,
The tricks of a modern day witch,
She glemmed moonlight from her eyes,
Eyes that enchanted mine colossally;

I wore death itched on my face,
A face she believed to bewitch,
My eyes failed under her moonlight,
A darkness she couldn't match;

A tale of a witch and a half dead man,
Transcribed by time to be doomed,
A tune sung to warn others of us,
A courtship never meant to last.
Maybe now or years later, I will wither back to atoms,
Atoms that will grow new life, new food, new forms;
5 billion years from now, the sun will no longer sustain us,
If we do leave Earth, we can't take everything with us;

Some of my atoms may leave and some of it will stay,
I hope chaos plays fair to me for I yearn for grander things,
Everything here will indefinitely return back to being simple compunds, what I was before, what I am now and what I will be reduced to not yielding life or supporting it,
A chapter in the universe ending in it's due course of time;

I will take my place among the stars as C, Ca, Fe and N,
At the least I do hope they find their way in the cosmos;
My story and my memories will not matter there or nor do I wish it will, the fact that the elements that hold me together now was stardust and will return as it started, It gives me comfort, it truly does;

Some of me will be floating across the cosmos, the dark matter, dark energy, Witnessing fiery star births and their deaths, becoming them, shattered away from them;
Mostly I hope they explore light years away than I can imagine in my human form,
Without the constraints I have now to prevent me to do so,
This is the afterlife I want and I already know it will come true.
Please remember me quietly across those midnight moments;
When you're in his arms, let your heart break a little, I earned that;

Stitch all those promises we threw away, see what we lost to our choices;
Please remember me only quietly not more, I don't deserve that;

Please remember the bruises and scars we left each other,
They're the only reminder along with the memories that we were real;

Please forget me now, too much of us for each other has always proved fatal, so let me go now, make me a memory again

Be kind, be good, be happy without me; I just want that smile glowing on your mug
It's almost 22 years since my birth, I'm not grateful or happy for anything. I think it's because of the expectations that the next year will be better but it isn't, now I can honestly say that I no longer remember a day when I looked forward to or found joy in anything. Everything is temporary and I still ache for a permanent source of happiness, steadiness and sanity. Maybe Chuck is right, I'm just all singing-all dancing crap of this world but I'm made of stardust, waiting to metamorphise to another form of stardust. I should be grateful to exist in this form, for my sentience and my health.
Maybe my sentience is my curse, I know that everything is meaningless, won't matter in a long run, oblivion is inevitable and it's just behind my shoulder waiting for it's time to erase me.  The only reason I haven't tried again to speed up the process is the curiosity of what the next day may bring, the 'What if?' but I sure the hope is slowly becoming despair, my insides rot away every second, I'm not sure if what is left but I'm losing pieces, I feel it. It's the only thing that reminds me I'm alive but I'm not living just existing
At the light of tomorrow's dawn,
We shall rise out of these abandoned ashes,
The night was kind and lethal to us,
She hid our wounds and blood from sight,
The cost being not being to able to see ahead,
At the first touch of light, the chrysalis shall be born
Step in, it's your new home, embrace it well
You're the living proof of that revenants can thrive,
Wear it as your armor aganist the world,
You're your own hero, possibly to others too
I let you run your fingers across my wounds,
You asked me the story behind each one,
I whispered them nervously fearing judgement because some of them healed while some still gaped;

And what did you do? You managed to rip open every single one with my consent, plunged in deep to see if I still ran red. Frantically, you withdrew your hand blue and frostbitten; the curiousity hurt didn't it?

I held your hand tender, ran it across my cheek and said " This is what I am" and you said " I love you"
I grinned, taken back, warm by blood seeping around my chest and slowly died.
I see the rubble of what's left around here,
Where do I begin? Which debris should I abandon?
How do I build again without cutting myself?
Too many questions and not many answers;

With your scent and signature touch, it's hard to start;
I begin to gather them with my blood and breath;
Exhausted to my bones and I fall back to your memory and I take rest in our mad sadness;

I just wonder if you felt anything at all, I hope you did;
I could build you up with ease, I knew my way around your heart and it's every little corner; mine is a labrinyth with it's own sentience and I'm already lost;

I keep running and running until I find the totem,
There in a brilliant moment, I found your smile;
I siphon strength and resilience and go into the fray,
It's a long journey but one I intend to finish.
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