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I don't believe you.
I can't believe you!

How can I believe this?
How can I accept this?

Knowing that my very existence
Is against the Code I've tried to uphold?

That my entire life, all these years,
Has all just been a lie?

You're not my mother.
You never were.

And neither is she,
Even though she is.

You say you understand.
You say you know my pain.

No! You don't!
No one truly can!

I'm not sorry, I'm truly not,
For what I'll have to do.

I guess the only option left
Is to run, and keep running.
Another Warrior Cats poem, about Hollyleaf. Lots of spoilers. Sorry for those who have not started Power Of Three or have not gotten to the fire scene with Ashfur.
In this poem she's talking to Squirrelflight. The other she-cat she mentions, in stanza 6, is Leafpool. The part where she says "I'm not sorry, I'm truly not, / For what I'll have to do" is a reference to her attacking/killing Ashfur (though the killing part was an accident). And the running part is because for some reason I have 'And He Runs' by Blixemi stuck in my head even though that's a Nightcloud song.
I. Black Eagle

A casket.
Simple. Brown.
Made with the wood of an oak tree.
And covered by the flag of a once proud nation.

Within that box
Lay the remains
Of the one he called his brother.

The one who, despite everything, was always there for him.
The one who, despite everything, followed him through it all.
The one who, despite everything, was loyal till the end.

And now that man was gone.

No longer would he wake up
To that cheery pale face and those crimson eyes.

No longer would he live
Knowing he still had family.

If the war is truly over...
Why was he still hurt?

- - - - -

II. What Never Was

Those stern,
Blue eyes.
Shallow, yet so deep one would get lost in them.

The still, cold frown,
To be turned into a warm smile.

The face he had wished,
So many times,
To see again, if only for a moment.

All sorrow, all grief,
It all evaporated
As he ran into the arms of his lover.

Then he woke up.
The ring on his finger
Now a painful reminder of what never was.

If the war is truly over...
Why was he still hurt?

- - - - -

III. Cherry Blossoms Stained Red

Scattered petals
Of cherry blossoms,
Painting the land fuchsia.

He’s felt this before.
Loneliness. Abandonment.
So why was it different this time?

The commanding shouts of the German.
The boyish charm and playfulness of the Italian.
And the silent whispers of birds in his empty garden.

If the war is truly over...
Why was he still hurt?

- - - - -

My only brother, dead.
My family, gone.

My heart, once full of unexplainable emotion,
Now empty, torn, his memory slowly fading.

The pain of abandonment.
The same, yet worse than before.

If the war is truly over...
Why are we still hurt?
A compilation of all parts in my trilogy 'If The War Is Truly Over', plus an extra part.
The trilogy is three Hetalia fanpoems based in my Hetalia AU 'Isolated'. The three poems are in the perspectives of the three main Axis countries (Germany, Italy/North Italy, Japan).
AsianTapWater Jan 11
This poem

the rambles of a tired ninth grader

kugelmugel from hetalia is fun to roleplay as. he is art too. the building that is kugelmugel in real life is art.
AsianTapWater Jan 11
It's kinda stupid, to be honest.
the rambles of a tired ninth grader

some real baby shoes sh*t going on here
AsianTapWater Jan 11
“Where’s Papa?”
I couldn’t bear
To tell her the truth.

What the hell’s this war worth?
Why do we even bother?
Is it truly a victory
If brave men must be sacrificed?

With that robot girl’s help,
I was sure we would win.
Nobody would have to die.
It would have been a perfect victory.

If only the game was so simple.
If only I still had my will to live.
That girl was my will.
And she had to die, too.

What the hell’s this war even worth?
Why do we pathetic creatures bother?
Is it truly our victory
If it was a loss all along?
A poem in the perspective of Riku from the beautiful but sad movie No Game No Life: Zero.
The girl in the beginning and the girl in the rest of the poem are different characters. The girl in the beginning is Nonna, the other girl is Schwi/Shuvi.
A mythological creature that feeds on human flesh.

Of or relating to myths.
Lacking factual basis.

And yet,
I exist.

A timid young man
Who seems normal at first glance,
But hides a beast
With a hunger like no other.

Even the slightest hint of blood
Can make me... 'excited'.
The screams of a child
Sounding more delicious than even maple.

I don't want to eat humans,
Let alone hurt them.
I haven't "fed" since the last World War.
It physically hurts, but I don't have much choice.

I didn't wish to be this way.
I was just born like this.
I don't want to hurt you,
So please, don't be afraid of me.
A poem in the perspective of Canada from the amazing Hetalia fanfic "Please, Don't Be Afraid Of Me" by MapleLeafLover. Credit for the 'mythological' definition goes to Merriam Webster Dictionary, one of the best dictionaries if not the best out there.
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