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Ashtyn Lucas Dec 2019
Shouldn't they
Care about us?
Having compassion
Opens up doorways and
Opportunities. it allows for
Learning and growth.

Instead, they feign these things
Shooing away the cries of pain.

Help us" they scream, their words
Echoing off of walls.
Losing their meaning as they multiply and
Likewise, get ignored.
hahaha...the US school system is ******
Ashtyn Lucas Nov 2019
i used to have motivation
i used to believe in magic
but then i met someone
that killed her
they say "hope is the thing with feathers"
and feathers are attached to an animal
i think mine was a bird
a phoenix with fiery wings
bold and unwilling to change for some idiots ideas
but my phoenix was drowned
and it left me vacant
my hope has been submerged in water of my own making
so now i no longer believe in magic
nor do i have motivation
instead, i sit in silence
feigning happiness and light
for my phoenix's wings no longer shine bright
and so, in turn, i don't feel any more
instead, i make sure that feeling goes to others
woo depression
Ashtyn Lucas Nov 2019
inside this box i sit
but then you arrive
and we're separated
by this box
around me
my oxygen depleting
my soul crumbling
as i watch
Do you ever feel like everyone you care about is leaving you? yeah me too
Ashtyn Lucas Nov 2019
You made me feel so much
We were just out of touch
You helped me to feel
Reminded me that life is real

The butterflies
The warm words
The late nights
The exchanged words

But you murdered the butterflies
Drowned them in cyanide
Kept them alive with a kindred fire
Only to burn them up in their own desire
Rejection hurts
Ashtyn Lucas Sep 2019
Another day goes by
Uneventful, fake
The happiness subsides
Leaving a cold, unforgiving world
In its wake
One day
I'll finally know what it feels like
To enjoy waking up
To enjoy life

Today isn't that day
Maybe tomorrow, maybe never...
Ashtyn Lucas Sep 2019
I watch the candle flicker
Moonlight streaming through
My open window
A soft breeze dancing along my skin
This is it, I think
What happiness is
This serenity, calming feeling
Where nothing bothers me
And I feel nothing at all

I was wrong.
Sorry, it's been so long. I've been working on my story that has barely begun. It's going to be awesome though!
Ashtyn Lucas Jul 2019
Warning: Bleeped out profanity. Read at your own risk

I would call you "dad"
But I would be ashamed to do so
You cannot stand up for anyone
Fooled into submission by her
That f·cking Satanic b·tch
Who is more irresponsible than I
I am ashamed you ever bed with her
I watch your offspring, wishing to be dead
Now I love your children
They even call me "Mama"
Isn't that alarming?
When they confuse their birthgiver with their sister?
But what would I know
I'm just a young girl
I don't know anything, says you
You overprotect me anyhow
As soon as I can leave, I'll be gone without a trace
Living with my mother, the woman that you hate
That you talk sh·t about, while I am within hearing range
Then act like nothing happened, do you think I am a bafoon?
At least I have the ****** courage
To tell someone to f·ck off
I'm glad I'm nothing like you
So, just f·ck off
Sorry (not sorry) about the profanity. My dad was talking smack about my mom with my stepmom and I flipping hate him for it.
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