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Ash Nov 2019
I thought I had it figured out
I thought I was finally there
I wasn’t aware that I escaped a maze
Only to enter another maze
Why cant I love my self enough
To respect my soul
That aches for a rest,
I was mistaken
I am the flowers and the water.
Only with me I bloom
#selflove #bloom
Ash Oct 2019
What is happiness anyway.
Ash Aug 2019
And all the things that once made us alive
Eventually fades
Sad how everything must come to an end
All the memories and all the love we shared
What a waste, it’s all in vain
Nothing is forever all we have is now
And now is pointless, why do we even try?
But one thing is for sure
You cant have it all
Enjoy the happy ones, before the dark ones come along.
  Aug 2019 Ash
Eric Martin
Death is coming
It's coming fast
No use in running
Life wont last

But while you still have your freedoms
Before that day
Make peace with your demons
Before you burn away
  Aug 2019 Ash
It is sometimes impossible
to explain the stories
to all the scars
of a broken heart

try to listen to
her ... silence
only then will you truly understand
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