ashton 2d
maybe he's right
I just want to leave
  Oct 5 ashton
you need to have a bad day,
you need to listen to sad music,
you need to have doubts,
you need to hate your closest friends,
you need to have a down moment,
you need to cry,
or scream,
or just be
whatever it is you need.
Because sometimes,
that is the only way you can recover.
ashton Oct 5
it's over
it was over a long time ago
and it changed everything

I lost friends
I lost trust
I lost faith
I lost hope

but finally
it's okay
I made it
ashton Oct 2
If I could drive in the rain forever
I would

I don’t love the sudden tiredness that casts down
Pouring upon my body as the clouds open

but driving is an inbetween
you aren’t supposed to be working
you don’t have to talk
you don’t have to think about school
just about driving

I’d want to stay here
In the moments of rainy day traffic
that keep me safe
That let me escape
from the world around me
ashton Sep 30
You’re erasing me
from your memories
Blocking me out of your life
but s l o w l y

We talked over a few weeks
small conversations

I wish you a happy birthday
we don’t talk for two months

You take a side
and it’s not mine, it makes sense but still

I don’t want to care
I want to let it go
But I can’t
I’m starting to feel like I’m the problem
Maybe I’m just too much

I just don’t know what to do
I don’t want to lose more people
But I don’t want to hold them back

And I just keep feeling

I’m losing myself
s l o w l y
I want to stay in my bed forever
ashton Sep 24
I think I might
have started to
just a little bit


I’m so angry and I love you but I think hate has started to appear. You’re the third person where that’s happened. Maybe it’s me
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