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Maybe you die twice in life.
One time:
when your own heart
stops beating.
And a second time:
when their heart
starts beating
                   for someone else.
u said that you wanted to be with me, turns out
you lied.
i was in love with you
but you felt nothing.
said you wanted to take care of me,
show me what a real relationship was like.
a real relationship is when two people
have feelings for each other.
now you're with your ex,
who you say you've always loved.
i'm sorry i wasn't enough for you.
i wish i there was something i could do
to make u feel the same way.
we've been through this once, maybe twice.
you left me 2 years ago, and now you want me back.
do you want me?
or do you want the feeling of knowing
someone loves you so much
that they'd do anything for you?
your bright blue eyes and curly brown hair still sit in the front of my brain.
i promised you the same thing you promised me: forever.
a promise i knew i couldn't keep, but one i longed to. the late summer nights where i stayed up until the light was shining through my window, laughing and talking with you, are now nothing but a memory.
you have no idea
how much i miss you.
  Aug 2019 Ashton Montgomery
and lilacs
and white
the scent
of sweetness
makes it
my tongue
with blossoms
the swing
and there
we sat
just you and me
your hand in mine
for eternity
i met you completely by chance.
my friends warned me that
"long distance never works out"
they were right.
i fell in love with you,
and you, me.
you brought me closer to god,
for i felt that he chose us to be together.
i loved you so so much.
and then you disappeared.
weeks at a time, without a text
or a phone call.
only to come back for a day or two
and then vanish again.
i knew i had to end it, but how could i?
you promised me forever.
children and a wedding.
but that's gone now Thomas.
i am sorry that i hurt you,
that's the last thing i wanted.
a year and a half.
that is how long it took me
to finally get over you.
you texted me in bio,
and my heart dropped down to my chest.
you met me at my mailbox
and asked for a second chance.
i asked you for one last kiss,
and then i asked you to leave.
the sense of empowerment
that i felt was stronger than
any other feeling i had felt before.
it felt as if a weight has been lifted
off of my shoulders.
you taught me what love is
and for that i thank you.
now that i have closure,
i can move on
and never look back.
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