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Socal Suicide
Walking to lunch alone
Talking alone
Picking up the bottle
Picking up the pill
If you don't
It's social suicide

Smiling along
Laughing alone
Makeup your face
Selfie suicide
Is socal Suicide

Fake followers
Unknown callers
No meals
Don't be different
Dont commit

This is how life fells constantly
Kole J McNeil May 10
My World Geo class is so loud
Its like ive started floating in a cloud

My mind has gone blank
I feel like I need a crank to work

I can't feel my hands
My life is numb

It's too loud
Its time for a panic attack

I cant wait to have my 4th one today
I cant foucs ITs too loud and my hands have no feeling. Its strange
Kole J McNeil Apr 29
A strawberry tastes like sitting in a field and the light is just going down so everything is golden and you're with you're GF/ girl best friend and she's wearing a sunflower dress with tewl and I'm wearing a white flowy puffy sleeves shirt with brown pants and we're just sitting there talking and existing for one perfect second
This is how I taste a strawberry
Kole J McNeil Apr 20
Looking into your eyes I see the pain as I stand at the edge my hair whipping in my face. I see you chained to the rocks. Inches from me, reaching out. Your screams silent and straining against the chains and wind.
I stare my enemy in the eyes as he reaches out to save my life. He had become my best friend and saved me from the girl who had tried to **** me. He still needed an enemy after all.
I look at you with your tear stained face
"I guess you were right from the beginning I AM a monster. I could never be saved."
I smile as you strain against the chains and I fall back off the cliff into the sea.
This is going to be the end of Book 1 in my book series. The book is Called AS I RUN. This is probably going to be my favoret part.
Kole J McNeil Apr 20
And Im falling
Falling through my thoughts
Falling down
Falling in
Falling alone
A void of stares
Silent stares
Im falling through
through my thoughts
Falling through my thoughts again
Goodbye ill try again
maybe we'll meet in another life
but goodbye
I say falling of the cliff
Kole J McNeil Apr 20
I was seven
I had run away
I climbed a tree high up in it's branches
Tall and reaching to the sky
I looked up and saw piece of heaven waiting for me
I reached for it. I leaped flying for one a blissful second
Then I was falling
Quiet as the wind on a summers night
I didn't wish to wake the world
I was falling blissfully in peace
I was seven but didn't wish to break the peaceful silence that I never got
It was just me
Flying in my mind
Reaching towards the safest place I had ever seen
But I hit earth and woke up in a place I didn't want to be again
I was back in my room
My parents had found me still reaching towards the sky
I haven't seen that place since then
I'm still waiting
Iv'e tried

Peace, falling, flying
this did happen though not as angelic as this tho ive tried to see that peace agin. Ive been broken too much.
Kole J McNeil Apr 19
Family dinner
Get to see family
Get to talk to people
Don't F it up
Talk normal
No the think you a disappointment already
Wear the worst make up ever
They already hate you
Don't talk what if you out youreslf
If you come out they will hate you more
Youre gonna be abused
Then your gonna run away and be homeless
Then youre not gonna get a job to pay for food
Then you DIE
Don't talk.
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