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Ashim Oct 31
That glimpse of yours!
Sparked something,
Knocked my senses!
Fueled my joys!
I've fallen!!
Such a shame,
I'll, probably, let it fade !!
Ashim Aug 28
The Truth of Life,
       Ask the surviving,
               The living can only imagine!
Ashim Apr 30
Though not audible,
Her voice echos perfect,
Sounds like the wind!!

Her eyes, just like pearls,
Scintillating pieces of perfection!!

She's far away,
Yet so vividly pretty!!
Ashim Apr 30
It's so easy to be lost,
For the woods is wide and dense.

All we need is a Beacon,
A ray of optimism,

The darkness shall perish!!
Ashim Apr 29
I can feel it!!
The smell of Earth,

I can see it!!
The sounds of drops,

I can hear it!!
The touch of potion,

It's raining after all,
the fall of elixir!!
Ashim Feb 28
While we keep waiting for the best face ever,
Best heart ever slips away!
Ashim Feb 5
Life feels shallow,
Full of regrets.

Heart feels heavy,
Yet it's empty.

Words' been juggling around,
Settling them helps.
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