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Stacks May 2021
🌅 🌅 🌅

I’m a warrior, a ghost dancer

I’m free in nature
I’m as wild as a animal
It’s not about beliefs
It’s not about a man
It’s a tale of my own creation
Stacks Feb 2021
It’s hard to fell asleep
When your always awake
If I go to sleep, I will stay mystical
If I wake, I will become dark

The Rise and fall of the dark

When we wake up, we can’t always see clearly
But do we really have clear vision
When I’m sleep; I can see better
Visions I could never see
Stacks Feb 2021
It’s always something
It’s neither new or different
Routine is a choice
New is better than good looks
Different is widely spread
Your decision is your choice
Stacks Feb 2021
Dreams are who we are
Dreams are the future
Dreams are reality
My dreams are my fears
But also my desires
I feel a sense of reality when I’m sleep
Do you?

— The End —