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 Oct 2019 Stewie
Feeling Warm
 Oct 2019 Stewie
Am I suicidal
if I want to hug
the sun
cause I love her
so much?
 Aug 2019 Stewie
Sean Rosalez
I loved you once
I hurt you twice
I am so sorry I never said anything nice
In my heart I truly know
I will always love you
as long as the stars still show
I can't help it but the way you make me feel is love
I hope this week I can deeply show
you the real man in me
And sorry
I ran out of rhyme
 Aug 2019 Stewie
Sean Rosalez
I never thought you would be gone so young.
But when we lost you the first time you fought to get back to Monica and the kids and God allowed it. This time there was no fight left. It was your time. When I saw your body laying there, I thought what if maybe that breath of life would come to you again. But this time God said enough. Joshua it is time to come home. And when that happened God gave me a peace and let me know this time it was fr.
I miss you brother make our home in heaven great with God. Gather everyone and tell stories. I bet you are all in glorified bodies with God having a great time. People that you haven’t seen in years. I bet those biscuits n gravy with papaw taste good. (I’m sure God would allow it) I wonder if this world felt extremely short to you now you are living in eternity. How is eternity? Is it boring? Is it fun. Does it feel like it’s eternity? Is there a concept of time?
Have you met ppl from the Bible? Have you been with Jesus and God? Does the trinity make more sense up there?
Man, while I’m here I’m gonna be there for your kids best I can.
 Aug 2019 Stewie
Sean Rosalez
I love coming home to you,
It’s such a sweet thang.
 Jun 2019 Stewie
 Jun 2019 Stewie
If you don't heal what hurt you,

You'll bleed on people who didn't cut you.
 Jan 2018 Stewie
Lauren Johnson
And for the first time in forever,

I danced alone in the kitchen at 1am

without the help of alcohol
 Dec 2017 Stewie
She Writes
You Lied
 Dec 2017 Stewie
She Writes
You lied when you said
You’d love me no matter
The thoughts in my head
The reality is sadder

You’re never there
When I need you the most
Less you could care
I live with a ghost

I’m at fault too
You’re Not the only to blame
I have a secret or two
You and I are one in the same

You’re a liar and I’m a cheat
At least we know where each other sleeps
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