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Jessa Asha May 26
Ang hirap gumawa nang Tula
Kapag ikaw ay masaya. :)
  Apr 20 Jessa Asha
she accepted people’s bad behavior,
because she thought,
they went through  difficult things.
yet, she invalidated her own feelings,
even if she knew what she went through.
  Apr 20 Jessa Asha
a m a n d a
call it what you will
i know i can create life
with just this thought
  Oct 2020 Jessa Asha
Carmen Jane
You're not lost, just because you didn't  trust today
I see you here, yet your thoughts are drifting away ...
You rake the leaves, with your bare hands,
You try to see, where your future stands.

You're not lost,  just because you need a break,
I see you smile, while trying to hide your heartache
You collect the dirt, under your fingernails,
As you walk barefoot and cover your trails.

I still see you, underneath the falling leaves,
I hear your voice say "thank you"  and "please"
I see your true smile, glowing in your eyes,
You're the only reason, my soul survives.
This is a repost of a dear poem of mine, it has a message that comes from the bottom of my heart, for the ones who feel lost from time to time. Also, this poem is the first one to feature in my first book of poetry, that you can find it on Amazon
You Are Not Lost: Poems of hope, love, haikus and more

Thank you for all the support I've gotten here! ❤️
  Oct 2020 Jessa Asha
Lee Carter
If a man needs you to believe a lie,
He will often say, "trust me."

If a man needs you to believe the truth,
He will speak it.
Jessa Asha Feb 2020
Putting up Big Walls?
Yes! A cage? Yes!
Big walls! A Cage!
I was living, for years.
I was too shy to face those eyes,
too afraid to be judge,
to be unseen,
to be unworthy.
I am Scared.
Scared to do mistakes,
Scared to face a lot of people,
Scared to watch those judgmental acts,
So for years,
I just decided
to stay in my cage.
I am just scared of the world.
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