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Ashley Aug 2019
It’s the same old script,
While I have One foot towards the future, and one in the crypt,
“Your unhappiness is all in your head”,
And that’s precisely why I’d rather be dead,
Silencing my thoughts seems impossible,
Overcoming seems improbable,
But I am a warrior, as fierce as they come,
And I will not stop growing until I have won.
Ashley Aug 2019
The high pitch rumble of his voice still sends chills down my spine.
I remember his scent, like it was ingrained into my soul,
Copenhagen long cut and bud light.
He called me his “good little girl”,
Before he stole my innocence forever.
The sick salty flavor of his flesh,
The warmth of my own ***** dripping down my five year old chin,
And the harsh sting searing across my temple from his fist,
Three shames I will never forget.
Three shames I must forgive myself for.
Ashley Aug 2019
In my darkest moment,
I gave you my light.
In my weakest state,
You had my strength.
I broke myself to build you up.
I sat there, in the dark,
You never returned.
While my demons tore apart my soul,
You continued to bask in your stolen light.
I found the strength to pull myself from the depths of my own hell,
As I climbed the searing brimstone, relighting my torch with hell fire,
You craved my new-found strength like a fiend,
Because I was A Phoenix, born from my own ashes,
And your soul was desperate to heal.
Ashley Aug 2019
You’re the reason your mom is an addict
That wasn’t ****, you secretly like it
Your dad didn’t hug you goodbye on his death bed for a reason
You’re a ****** mother, you’re destroying your children
You can’t even keep your house clean, you’re no better than your step mom
You like it rough because you need to feel abused, ******* freak
You don’t know what normal is, you will never be normal
None of this is even real, you’re insane
You will never succeed at anything
You are a burden to everyone you know
You might as well end it now and spare everyone......

Nothing will **** you faster than your own thoughts.
Ashley Aug 2019
There is a chaotic beauty in the way her confidence radiates out of her
A calm kindness in every touch
Passion lights up her eyes
While a fire burns in her soul

She is as wild as a crisp fall storm
Yet as peaceful as a lake on a calm summers day
With a cool candor that can either cut you like a glacial winters wind
or deliver an alluring comfort similar to spring blossoms

— The End —