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Asena Keles Jun 20
you've been stuck in that cage for so long
you forgot what it's like to be out there
fresh air hurts your lungs
but you don't want to get back inside
it was cruel and lonely
you almost forgot to speak
you almost forgot to feel
there was no one to torture you but yourself
means no one to save you, too

you were so scared to let anybody in
cause you have swallowed the key
now someone knocks on the door
asking for a favor from you for you
Asena Keles May 28
the sound of a piano coming across my room
the lights of a house full of joyful people
the smoke of my cigarette burning my eyes
can't help the urge to fight
the urge to ****
Asena Keles May 24
don't like mirrors nor pictures
makes me feel restricted
like somehow I was kidnapped in this body
like somehow got no place else to go

punishing them for crimes they haven't yet to commit
don't ask me how I am so sure
Asena Keles May 14
like a barricade you are trying to break
to see what lies beneath it
turns out it was the only thing that keeps you from flood
just maybe
some barricades should be left unbroken
and some words unspoken
Asena Keles May 8
I sometimes wish
not to die
but to disappear
for a while

my subconscious is a swamp
a swamp so close to the surface
Asena Keles Apr 25
A word that cannot prove itself
But keeps echoing in an endless void
Does it ease the pain
Knowing you cannot change

— The End —