Asami 16h
Pack my bags & get on a plane
Leave all my worries behind & fly away

Looking at my life from up in the air
How come I'm so lost in such a small place

As I start a new beginning , I pray
May my lost chances be found here somewhere

A beautiful daydream I wrote on my paper plane
A wish through my window is flying away
Asami 1d
Watching things change
Thought it was just a phase
"It'll be ok , one day ... one day"

Hope got blurrier as life were sinking down
Swam to the surface but ran out of breath & drowned

Anchored deep down in the dark surrounded by fears
Mourning the death of my dreams
Watching all my nightmares become real
  2d Asami
Pagan Paul
The blink of an eye would have missed it,
a brief glimpse of pure beauty
and then it was gone.
The passing of a gloriously sublime moment.
Darkness drew its curtain around
and it was forever vanished.
Folded away and filed eternal
into the vaults of history passed.
Catalogued and captured in an instant
from within the blink of an eye.

The afternoon sun lights the mountains,
reflecting the sheen of the forest
in a riot of greens and yellows.
Bathing the vista of sight in a scene of serenity.
The air, still and warm, echoes a kind of magick
seeking to manifest.
An event approaching with certainty
yet waiting for the correct second in time.
And the day hangs
like a cloak on a winters morn,
unmoving and timeless.
Anticipation drips from the instant,
taking its ease at the imminent
moment of intensity.
A brief glimpse of pure beauty,
and the blink of an eye would have missed it.

© Pagan Paul (21/03/18)
Asami 2d
Never knew what's right
For I was always wrong in your eyes

Sick of hearing your empty promises
Your voice is always full of lies

Betrayals sentenced my hope in love to death
Before it ever had a chance to be alive

Now I rather live under the dark rain
Than to bask in your sunshine
  3d Asami
Pagan Paul

'pon your voyages through my mind
mingling with memories cruel and kind,
amongst the shattered dreams that do lay
'neath darkened clouds so distant away.
Amidst the chaos of random thoughts
strands of discord forged and sought,
chasing nightmares you must flee
the ugliness deep inside of me.
Be you close or be you very far,
Please think of Me,
wherever you are.

© Pagan Paul (20/03/18)
Asami 3d
Walking through life like a blind
Who can't see but the past he couldn't leave behind
Pain stuck on rewind
May peace find its way back to this restless mind
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