Asami 6h

I walked to where my loved ones are gathered
My mother
My brother
And my love

I fell to my knees
All my wounds started to bleed
Eyes hemorrhaging tears
Why am I the only one out there ?
Why do we only see each other in my dreams ?

I look around the graveyard and wonder
When will I sleep next to my loved ones
And finally rest in peace

  1d Asami

           Try as far
            try as much
            we get
            we deserve, or don't we?
            that is the only way
            we can accept
            things as they are,
            they're the reason
                   of why
            there are no what ifs
            when reality is
                     playing us.            

Asami 1d

Baby girl born
Can't wait to grow up and explore this world

As a child she was poor
Her parents did wonders to put her in school
Where she got bullied cause she didn't look cool

A college student who gained weight
All she heard and saw , was mockery and hate
Her smile never dared to show up on her face again

A young lady silently fighting depression
Never uttered a word about her painful condition
Wiped night tears , wore morning smile for good impression
Cause she couldn't bear another insulting expression

A 30 years old
Afraid to be around people, terrified of being alone
Gave up on love , forgot about hope
Crying in misery wondering what she did wrong

All the names she's been called by
All the labels that'd been put on her
Why none of them says a human who deserves love

  2d Asami

We are just like moon for our parents
he is the bright side, I am the dark side.

Asami 2d

I see a shadow
Shaping a frame
Similar to the one mirrors reflect

Who is she ?
I've seen her my entire life
But know nothing about
Did she skillfully kept herself hidden ?
Or is she someone I never cared about

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