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Sep 4 · 25
caving in
Isaac Sep 4
hollow and thawing
your embrace leaves shadows
in the snow of my heart
melted days and melting nights
a snuffed out flame, shallow
breath, through cracks of
lifeless vein and pointed,
deathly, killer
Aug 7 · 44
Isaac Aug 7
as the night sky begins to fall
and the dawn never breaks
listen for the silent call

take shelter in the empty halls
run further still, no time to take
as the night sky begins to fall

shut your eyes, dear, shut the door,
pray to God, for God's sake
listen for the silent call

walk on, walk forward in the drawl
of the thunder and lightning in your wake
as the night sky begins to fall

when hope seems lost as shadows stand tall,
when silence truly starts to ache,
listen for the silent call

as the moon waves goodnight to all
and now you feel so, so small
as the night sky begins to fall
listen for our silent call
Aug 6 · 35
Isaac Aug 6
a ringing, oh so soft,
yet so fragile, sits in my ear
a ghost of a reminder,
that you were once here
Aug 1 · 28
Isaac Aug 1
no one in here,
but me. Muffled,
tick, tock, goes Time.
Birthing and fading, Light
rests outside my window, their
tendrils reaching into the corners.

no one in here,
except me. Cold air
knocks on my door, a breath
of loneliness frosting the floor,
a comforting whisper of Night in my ears.

no one in here,
and there's me. I
bathe in the presence
of no one and nobody,
I fall asleep within the cradle
of Time, I wake up to the call of
Light, I seek shelter in Night's embrace.

There's no one in here, and that's okay.

I'm alone with myself, and everything else in the world.

And that's okay.
Jul 29 · 30
My Butterfly Garden
Isaac Jul 29
and like chipped teacups;
bedazzling in the own right,
my butterfly garden sparkles
in reflections and broken glass

gemstones impressed
upon their heads, forceful
light bled into reality
diamond studded wings
carrying the weight of themselves

a silent beating, whirring;
mechanical clicks signal life
in metal cages

and then; nothing

but the creeping warmth
of dead butterflies in my stomach
Jul 28 · 19
I evol ouy
Isaac Jul 28
the end, that's it.

i fall, a mime (s)till

as the curtain falls
farewells and thanks
in the night sky, resonating
empty eyes crying light

to culminate in this
how tragic, how unfortunate
cracked lips utter
gasping for the limelight,
kicked out of their own show

all for the punchline;

"you love I"
can be read upwards too
Jul 27 · 36
darker skies
Isaac Jul 27
when you're scared
to go home

is when you know the sun
has left the sky

and the moon has drowned
itself in its own reflection.
Jul 27 · 206
me and the mirror
Isaac Jul 27
when the blood bleeds blue,
and the skies turn red

is when I know I've lost you
for sure

when the rivers run red,
and when the sun cries blue
Jul 22 · 47
skies below us
Isaac Jul 22
when you fall between the cracks
do you always want to reach out again?

or maybe,

just sometimes,


you just want to fall further,
and let the void embrace you.
Jul 19 · 52
caught those feelings
Isaac Jul 19
feelings are just like
viruses, and your anger
is so contagious
Jul 18 · 140
Isaac Jul 18
your crystal mask,
cut to perfection
radiates in the burning
heat, a bright beacon,
blinding, bedazzling

yet it is the very same crystal,
that is so fragile,
so see-through
your crystal tears radiate
in the transparent
Isaac Jul 17
many are left in wrath
in the wake of Time's path

he seems a foe, seems like
Death's master

treat him with no respect,
try to get away with neglect

he will seem a foe, seem like
no other

but hold his hand, and take your
Time, for

he will be a friend, will be
not asunder

know him all the Time, embrace
every moment and place

he will be your friend, will
walk you till your slumber.
Jul 15 · 20
Isaac Jul 15
I would give the stars and the skies
to forget every memory, all the lies

I would give the sun and the moon
to remember how you left too soon

I would give the land and the seas
for every single thank you and please

I would give my time and my space
so long as I do not see your face

I would give my heart and soul
if only you would take the toll

I would give my love, all of it to you
every single drop of blood that I deem true

I would give my life. Every moment.
But I won't. Not a moment.

Not a single gaze in my eye, nor
a pleading word will change, for

when you said to me "Please don't",
was when my "would" became "won't."
Would - now, not anymore.
Jul 14 · 82
Isaac Jul 14
head turned down, eyes lidded
cannot bear to look my own
eyes in the mirror
Isaac Jul 13
and like death,
sweep upon your victims
like a cold wind on
a frozen night

bring sweat to palms
on rocky mountains,
bring fire to dying forests,
pluck your flowers,
graceful as you go,
and decorate your gardens

oh, sweet sadness,
how beautiful, how deadly.

wake someone up,
and bring someone down
day and day again,
you never fail to bring the night.
Jul 12 · 218
Isaac Jul 12
final breath in silence,
a rushed collision of fate
for eternity
give and take
Isaac Jul 11
the glint in your eyes in the moonshine
are wrought now, with terror and scorn
what once was yours is no longer mine

a gentle rain turned to blurry lines
a spark grown, the fire now borne
the glint in your eyes in the moonshine

once one eye shut, now two are blind
facing catastrophe with your mind torn
what once was yours is no longer mine

windblown, torrential in the same kind
sunrise no longer leads to morn'
(with) the glint in your eyes in the moonshine

prostrate in pain, hands now behind
a final cry, alone and forlorn
what once was yours is no longer mine

a whisper from hate, a loveless sign
finally, clear skies now adorn
the glint in your eyes in the moonshine
what once was ours, is no longer mine
maybe it's time we let go
Isaac Jul 9
and I thought you were
my shooting star,
bathed in light as your
hands reached for the door
to my heart

and I didn't see how you
would come to set my heart on fire,
with you burning wings of starlight
and hellfire,

and I didn't see how you
would come to set me on fire.
Jul 8 · 17
little star
Isaac Jul 8
i imagine all of us
like little fairy lights
strung up inside our own

when the night is nigh
we shine the brightest,
but sometimes other shine
brighter, and we are blown out
short circuited

we all race for the top,
a winding christmas tree,
breaking your bulbs across
walls and beyond corners,
and the twinkle pop and shatter
becomes louder and louder,
until we rest our heads atop
the shooting star of fame (shame)
Jul 8 · 130
silence said
Isaac Jul 8
fragility, and
pain, peace, borne in unison
how it breaks me so
it can bring pain,
but enjoy it.
Jul 8 · 56
silence says
Isaac Jul 8
finger on your lip
tells me there's more than just one
ring on your fingers
sometimes you know even without them saying
Jul 7 · 64
artful catastrophes
Isaac Jul 7
in those fiery eyes,
lies a spark of calm beauty,
like colourful death
how dare we turn their suffering into our fame
Jul 6 · 31
mistakes in motion
Isaac Jul 6
just like the sun mourns
its dying child,
caressing its dry lakes and flaming forests,
unknowingly only starting a larger spark
of death

so I mourn myself,
my youth,
burning off whatever ashes
of memories are left in the rubble
of tears and pain.
Jul 6 · 99
Mania of (Our) Skies
Isaac Jul 6
espy the boundless skies
through shards of glass and windows,
and pupil lenses, tinted red green blue,
chromatic panic, a manic display of light

beauty incarnate, as you spectate
through your spectacles the spectacle of
man and fake suns, stars of your own making,
see-through masks and one-way rainbows

as you press closer, sparks turn to flames
and flames turn to fires, burn your skin
with tattoos of smoke and pain,
but your grin only grows wider in the open air

and with a crash, it was a mirror all along,
you realise, laughing on your way down
attempt at a modern sonnet gone wrong??
Jul 5 · 70
the test
Isaac Jul 5
all the right questions,
that the world turns away from
with all wrong answers
Jul 4 · 432
Isaac Jul 4
like beautiful form
reads tragedies and silence,
so a haiku does
17 syllables of more than just meaning
Jul 3 · 918
Isaac Jul 3
waiting amongst them,
bitter smile in the rain, like
cherry lip gloss pain
Jul 1 · 35
sun and stars and you
Isaac Jul 1
you can't see,
because you're blinding yourself
in this room, too small,
too dark for you

open the door, and light up the skies
Jun 30 · 78
and like light
Isaac Jun 30
and like light through the gaps
in your homely shelters,
fall from the skies,
unbridled and free
unfaltered, alive

blind the shadows as you fill life with sight and beauty
Jun 28 · 21
high tide
Isaac Jun 28
a reverb in the
back of my mind

rhythmic breathing,
beating hearts till they break

echoes haunt me,
ricochet in the night lights

dissonance like rain on sunny mornings,
glassy eyes till night, till broken dusk

the chorus, the ******
has arrived and I will ride until
the day ends.
Jun 26 · 22
Isaac Jun 26
it's the shiver down your back.
the background screaming, muted,
but shrill in your shivering heart.

the shouting across corridors,
echoes along corridors,
silence aside corridors.

not creaking doors, no
but ones that shut and never open again,
and the others than stay open forever.

not vengeful spirits,
but broken ones, beyond the point
of saving, broken ones that can't save themselves

broken glass may line the red carpet,
fire may eat at the walls,
frost may gnaw at your digits

but never waver.

Don't be scared of being scared.
Jun 24 · 17
not my cup of
Isaac Jun 24
and yet again,
they've added too much sugar

it boils over, pink
and bubblegum,
artificial reality,
plastic face

but behind the masks
of dazzling white teeth
and teacups

lie the lies,
and the yellow black
shadows of teeth
and bitter, bitter coffee
Isaac Jun 23
how can a minute feel
so, so long?

and how do lifetimes
disappear in front,

of my eyes?
Jun 23 · 86
Isaac Jun 23
once, it was like a knife
grabbing at my insides,
cutting up my thoughts,
my heart, my mind,
a clear line of chaos spliced
into this line of fire

now, it is but a teardrop
left uncried, sitting on my
eyelid, a muted feeling
that rings harmoniously
through my soul.
As I grow accustomed to pain, I feel scared. How do I know when I've reached the limit?
Isaac Jun 22
like verbal diarrhea,
a poem is belched out from
deep within my inner workings
of the factory, ink-stained and

sometimes i wonder if the title
is just a bright pink bow,
resting atop a pile of
Jun 21 · 30
ornamental death
Isaac Jun 21
but what good is a
fallen flower
except to be stepped upon
crushed under your
unwavering soles
of courage, bravery and

i gift you this corsage of
lycoris radiata and
poison ivy,
and may you wear it till
the flowers fall

and crush you.
they aren't there just for you.
Isaac Jun 21
it's the quiet of dawn
and the silence of dusk
that makes the day.

it's the unheard whispers
of the moon to the sun
that makes the night.

it's the unsung valor
of the invisible heroes,
the flicker of fire in
cold eyes and colder rooms.

and it's the unspoken words,
like whispers from the moon to the sun,
like the muted winds in the morning skies,
like tiny sparks, so alive, so bright,

that give life.
Jun 20 · 30
Isaac Jun 20
and then silence came upon us
a final gift of pity from death himself,
as we seek him in our quest for life
Jun 19 · 42
Irony (4)
Isaac Jun 19
those shadows are clearest
in the light of day
Jun 19 · 29
nursery crime
Isaac Jun 19
rock-a-bye baby, on the tree top
when the wind blows, the dreams will all stop
when the bough breaks, they'll also take the doll
and gone will be baby, cradle and all.
why are nursery rhymes all so dark
Jun 18 · 21
those people
Isaac Jun 18
sometimes, all you can
really do is
give them a big smile
and wave them off,
hopefully from your life.
insults don't work because
you'll become one of them too.
Jun 17 · 99
Isaac Jun 17
anticipation shakes me
as my fingers tremble
in the looming darkness
of tomorrow

the shadows grow longer,
and i grow tired. the day
stretches on, and doesn't end
but then it does.

and as night falls, so does
silence, and so does the moonlight
over the shadows, over the
mountains that are ever so tall

my dreams are dark,
near nightmares, no where near
reality, where all the shadows fall
and all the moonlight glimmers

bring to light this fear
make this all now clear
Restful nights await.
Jun 13 · 57
amethyst teardrops
Isaac Jun 13
the flowers fall,
every year.
lilac raindrops
on sodden ground
turned to dust and

the flowers fall,
every year.
beautiful death,
they called it,
as they trampled
on the outstretched fingers,
blue and purple

the flowers fall,
every year.
paint the outside
lavender and violet
crinkle to nothing.

the flowers fall.
see them, and catch them.
remember them.
There are people out there, like falling petals. Hear their cries.
Isaac Jun 11
they come from all the words
left unsaid in our heads
blood from all the swords
bleach the paper red

they come from all the songs
left unsung in/at our wakes
from all our deathbed wrongs
till death do us part (for our sake?)

they come from all the paintings
left undone, hung upside down
stabbed into the wall, only waiting
for us to make our rounds

where do poems come from?
they come from us, to you
from you, to us,
from you, to you.
This community amazes me again and again. I love it here.
Jun 10 · 85
Isaac Jun 10
you wipe your tears
and tell me you're sorry
and that you're the one at fault,
that they were your mistakes,
and that you're sorry again and again
and you should've known better.

you don't see that your mistake is "you".

So much you, it's sickening.

I'm leaving before I become
your mistake.
Jun 10 · 212
irony (3)
Isaac Jun 10
I can't understand
how some people can stand
other people, till the end,
that really don't understand.
Sometimes I'm at fault too. And sometimes I need to realise that.
Jun 9 · 41
i have/am lost
Isaac Jun 9
it's almost as if I'm underwater
glassy eyes, haunted stare
I can't breathe, but I haven't ever
if I could, I wouldn't care

tension and suspension
fear, silence in contention
like atmospheric death
not a single breath

spoken thoughts are now
unspoken words, a bow

what I once felt is gone
that's it. this time you've won.
You did it.
I'm finally scared.
Isaac Jun 7
and i thought i could hold out long enough
to keep you alive

but you're burning me out
and so I will, you
Jun 6 · 119
Isaac Jun 6
when you're up there
standing, proud
they'll be there too

oh, they'll hear you alright
they'll see you
they'll know you

but in the glare of the spotlight,
remember this:

Make sure they listen.
Make sure they look.
Make them understand.
as they look on in,
break the windows
Jun 6 · 40
daunted, but daunting
Isaac Jun 6
how vast the ocean
how miniscule a drop
in the endless, rocking
throes of dawns and dusks

how wide the skies
how tiny a bird
wings grabbing nothing
going nowhere

how immense the earth
how silent a tree
swaying, yet rooted
cry their teardrop leaves

how tiny we are,
in the infinite universe

yet how unfathomable
how unending
how beautiful
the depths of our hearts,
limitless as the skies, seas and earth.
there is no boundary to how much you can love.
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