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Isaac Oct 28
who knew love could expire?
i certainly didn't.

but when you leave anything out there
in the open, in the cold,
left to exist on it's own -
it will surely die.
Isaac Oct 21
again, i am in a lull.
sleepless nights
but by my own hand,
i torture myself when there
is nothing to torture me

when you grow so parallel,
so close to pain,
it never sickens you how
you enjoy it.
Isaac Aug 18
how does it feel
to be secondary,
you asked?

it feels like
holding up the back
and realising no one's
manning the front

it feels like
knowing you were
probably the last person
they'd ever ask

it feels like
unjustified jealousy
so real yet so flawed

it feels like
if never good enough
was a person, and it was
Isaac Aug 18
is it foolish
to sit idly and wait
for someone, anyone to want
to share a heart with

or is it foolish to even
believe that such a person
Isaac Aug 9
i can barely put this feeling
into words.

it is awkward, it is uncannily
difficult to deal with, and i am desperate
to let it out but there is nothing
i can do.

there is a war in my mind,
and both sides
are losing.

it is not silent, it is
a low buzz, a muted
whisper, not really there
but still so real.

it makes its way into every
thought, every action, an invader
and intruder, an insatiable,
feral desire that you never
really know

i am trying to go both
ways at once, leave and enter,
exist yet be nothing at all

right and wrong are
never too far apart, and
i am getting tired of choosing.
the desperation for human connection is ironically so hampered by not being able to trust yourself and trust anyone else - it almost hurts.

how can they tell me to believe when I've done that all my life and every single time it's ended up the same way?

I will not willingly place myself in a position of disappointment. And yet...
Isaac Aug 2
like a child who has grown
too old for colouring, i am
a half empty box of crayons
lost in the suffocating folds
of the sofa

i am a carton of stuffed toys
who've had their life
hugged out of them, i am
the dog ears on a yellow

and i am the friend you forgot
about when the popular kids
came your way and made me
watch you leave

i am a passing storm, i am
a circumstance that people
get all too familiar with
and eventually forget
is there

and i am not ashamed
to be these things. i am
a collection of long lost
memories, all of which
simply just happen to end the same way.

i am not beyond repair
but the knife edges are dull
and the needles hurt more than
they used to

not abused, just used.
Isaac Jun 23
it lingers on my tongue
like sour candy

the desire to collapse into
arms that aren't mine
is far too invasive for my

it lingers on my tongue
like lies.

i am forever unsure of the
truth, of myself, and my
resignation is propping itself
up against the wall in the corner
of my room. i am tired.

it lingers on my tongue
like false hope.

disappointment is my best friend;
and i am eternally wed to her.
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