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Isaac 21h
stuff yourself
even though you’re full

fill yourself
even if you’re bursting

bleed yourself
even when you’re dead
humans don’t know limits.

is that good?
Isaac 2d
what will you do
when the water runs out
and your mouth is drier
than the dirt

drier than the words that slithered
and spat themselves out of your mouth

what will you do
when the food runs out
and your stomach begins to
digest itself

but i can't digest your words
and they stick to the dry walls
of my insides
but if i *****
i will have no food left

what will you do
when the air runs out
and your lungs are squeezing
the oxygen out of your
own cells

your words have squeezed
the life out of mine
even though
there was plenty of air
to share

what will i do?
i hope they run out,
and **** your words,

unfortunately you can't
**** something that was dead to me
the night you said those words.
air water food

you don't seem to need anything other than that mouth of yours
Isaac 3d
when your laugh is a cry for help
how can we tell?

your mouth is twisted upwards
into a cascade of muscles and sunshine
where we will never find the darkness

when your dark words tell a brighter story
how can we tell?

the words so dear to you to us
have rebelled against their meaning
"vague and unclear" is vague and unclear

when your long sleeves hide beautiful scars
how can we tell?

they don't roll up
even on sunny days
concealing a cursed tale etched in your skin

when the sun never sets
how will we ever gaze upon the moon?
and when the light is never turned off,
how will you sleep?
Isaac Nov 28
it is very clear
your dislike for me

you ensure that i know it
every waking moment
you are literally
my shadow

but the number of damns i give are about the same as your iq
You don’t like me. So??? What am I supposed to do? “HAHAHAHA the feeling’s mutual let’s be friends”

Sorry for the rant but-
Isaac Nov 27
different isn’t special.

in fact it’s quite very normal.

ironically it’s the same for everyone.
please get off your high horse if that purple highlight in your hair makes you better than other people.
Isaac Nov 19
shatter your heart first
so it won’t be broken

trade your soul first
so it won’t get stolen

take your life first
so it won’t get ruined
Humans are weird.
Isaac Nov 18
and we wonder why bees sting

we get a glimpse of a bullet
yellow and black
flying towards us

and we swat it away

maybe that
floating pill you’ve been running away
from since the beginning
of your existence
holds something behind
its bold sunshine and darkness

maybe we should
take some time
to listen to the whispers of
the “horde” of coloured
pebbles raining down

and listen to the
muted flap of their
heart beat of their

and just maybe
just maybe

the bee won’t sting
we all see the bee differently

but we all know it’s there

maybe it’s time to stop running
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