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Isaac Sep 7
pictures of him scattered
on the floor, on the walls
my words caught in-between
a web of lies, shivering to
the melody seeping from the

forbidden dreams die
in the arms of Time, and I
will watch them breathe
their last breath - children
of my own making, memories
for me to keep and wash
in my tears

my life is a play and I
am the tragedy, I am the hero
and I am the villain, I am the stage
and I am the curtains as they close

I am unbothered by the
zero star ratings, because the photos
whisper otherwise, and I tuck myself
into my own woven bed, forbidden
dreams of him and him and him only
Isaac Aug 23
i am free to wander as i please,
feel the whispering forest breeze
my shadow splayed like an ugly crease
my face hidden beneath the trees

i am free to wander as i desire,
daydreams of a foreign liar
once bound to the burning pyre
i'll never start my own fires

i am free to wander as i like,
ball and chain adorned with spikes
and crown of iron, my royal hike
to distant lands, no two alike

i am free to wander as i choose,
ghostly kisses on a blackened bruise
uncharted lands mock my rues
i'll never leave my home, my ruse

I am free to wonder, never to wander
trapped within the glory and splendor
of my own mind, the foreign liar
ties his noose and sets it afire
Isaac Aug 23
if only he knew
the lengths I'd go to for this
unrequited flame
Isaac Aug 21
not a stirring storm, rather
a lake in crisis, thunderstorm
rhythm in motion, my body
is used to the churning

acidic vandalism of the inner
walls, scars like stars in the
midnight sky, constellations
of hurt, trapped within the
observatory I am

soon enough, the familiar
pain eases itself through
the rusted pipes, leaking,
faulty, unfeeling cold
like stalagmite formations

it returns home, unfortunately,
again, and I am no stranger to
the wintry tendrils that have
replaced my blood, that give me
life that isn't worth living

my digits twitch and spasm as
the metallic river snakes to
my extremes, shores of icicles
erupting to the surface

if am numb to the numbing anger
then why do my fingertips hurt?
Isaac Aug 1
i'd drown myself forever
in those eyes if I could

they are dark pearls, radiating
shadow, life pulsing in the
running veins, and I'd keep
them in a box and roll them
in my palms if I could

they are amethysts, cut to
absolute perfection, and I'd
tear my body to pieces
with every edge, and send my
blood in a love letter if,
if I could

they are a stunning electric blue,
a piece of sky plucked by the angels,
a drop of sea carved out by the devils,
and I'd give the sea and sky, just to
stare at them again
if I could

if I could,
I would.

I can't.
I wished I had never gazed upon them once, so I would not have to endure this longing till my death.
Isaac Jul 17
march on brave warriors
feet drumming the earth
draw rhythm out of pain
the metronome of life
the right of way is
your right today

march on brave soldiers
veterans who have seen
everything but nothing
more and nothing yet
cry for the lost
weep for the found

march on brave children
tiny palms hold Atlas' weights
unbeknownst to them
they carve the cliffs and valleys
that they will live and die in

march on brave souls
who live on in us
in the tolling feet of warriors
in the tearful eyes of soldiers
and the tested palms of children

march on march on march on march on

march on bravely
march on knowing full well that we will
march on with you as you
march on.
Isaac Jul 16
there's an odd transience in the air,
borne of frosted breath and
hushed pain,
all too familiar yet still so strange

I breathe in the change,
as it oils the cogs of the old machine,
sweeping the dust out of metal arteries
amid plastic veins

a heavy step, deepest imprint
in the snow, joints creak in a melody
that only he understands,
a faint whistle, a mimic of harmony

the air is still, not stale
silence says, not feels

there's an odd transience in the air,
and he likes it.
I like it.
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