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Isaac 1d
and like an unfinished song,
i keel on the verses of empty,
and fall into restless sleep
upon senseless lyrics and
painful choruses

that i am forced to sing,
my throat yielding to the
puppet strings of life, rending
every note, torn into fractions
of a melody so haunting only
i can hear

the facade of beauty erasing
the colours of melancholy,
i am bound to an unfinished song
that is me
Isaac Dec 2020
fashion this pain
into an artwork of beauty,
line my scars up in a display
of blood and tears,
dissect the wounded and exhibit
their rage,

oh, how words do all this,
a surgery of the mind
that leaves no trace,
another world where
pain is beautiful,
where our eyes rest
their souls upon tireless dreams,
where we are all invited
to the gallery, as we reflect
on the ****** tears that have created
this masterpiece,

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Isaac Dec 2020
and it’s still there,
waiting, patience unending,
whispers caressing the insolent ear,
whispers from the bright side of the morning
and the right side of the bed

a tender, soft voice, partly aching,
chiding me, moving a stubborn reality,
gentle but clear as day, clear as
the rocking waves reflected on the
immovable sands of time

a touch, almost a hand,
slightly inhuman but warm all the same,
a nudge into the brighter side of the morning,
a push into sight without eyes and listening
even with an insolent ear,
to breathe in the whispers from another age,
and make them my own.

and it’s still there,
etching the word
into my mind, an endless chant
of movement and life,
rhythmic but not a drawl,
not a drag, rather a whisper
from the brightest side of the morning
Isaac Sep 2020
hollow and thawing
your embrace leaves shadows
in the snow of my heart
melted days and melting nights
a snuffed out flame, shallow
breath, through cracks of
lifeless vein and pointed,
deathly, killer
Isaac Aug 2020
as the night sky begins to fall
and the dawn never breaks
listen for the silent call

take shelter in the empty halls
run further still, no time to take
as the night sky begins to fall

shut your eyes, dear, shut the door,
pray to God, for God's sake
listen for the silent call

walk on, walk forward in the drawl
of the thunder and lightning in your wake
as the night sky begins to fall

when hope seems lost as shadows stand tall,
when silence truly starts to ache,
listen for the silent call

as the moon waves goodnight to all
and now you feel so, so small
as the night sky begins to fall
listen for our silent call
Isaac Aug 2020
a ringing, oh so soft,
yet so fragile, sits in my ear
a ghost of a reminder,
that you were once here
Isaac Aug 2020
no one in here,
but me. Muffled,
tick, tock, goes Time.
Birthing and fading, Light
rests outside my window, their
tendrils reaching into the corners.

no one in here,
except me. Cold air
knocks on my door, a breath
of loneliness frosting the floor,
a comforting whisper of Night in my ears.

no one in here,
and there's me. I
bathe in the presence
of no one and nobody,
I fall asleep within the cradle
of Time, I wake up to the call of
Light, I seek shelter in Night's embrace.

There's no one in here, and that's okay.

I'm alone with myself, and everything else in the world.

And that's okay.
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