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Laura Nov 20
I wear these clothes
Size upon size
Too small
Retreating to then
I push life away
I stay tearing out
To acclaim this life
Wishing for yesterday
I stay afraid
When will I choose
To breathe
Today’s consequence
When will I choose
To grow
Laura Nov 17
I wait for after
For new
I wait for me
Or you
Walking through
The turns
And rearrange
What matters
In a moment
Carry me
The light is there
Dried leaves
Laura Nov 15
Behind a smile
A cry waits
Behind a sun
The moon is rising
Behind lies
The truth is pounding
Stagnant dreams
Are bounding under
Something better
Something new
Something deeper
Tired lines are racing
Up and down
But moving
I am still
And boundless
I will walk a crooked line
Slow but focused
On a warmer view
Laura Nov 15
The glass reflects
This void
Of what
Of when
Of destitution
Behind reflection
There is hope
I am still
I am trying

And as i walk away
I feel content

This is enough
To feel beautiful
Laura Nov 14
I was falling fast
I danced mid air
On my way down
I laughed
I dove
Into this deep
I didn’t fall
I chose to leap
And where to go
My ground
And where to land
I’ll know
And where I’ll grow
I’ll grow
And letting go
Will let me
And growing up
Will spring
As springing turns
To fly
I’ll say goodbye
To staying low
The wind
Will carry me
I was
The wind
I was
I am always
Laura Nov 13
I reached for hope
My hands were empty
Palms untouched
I wish to feel
To push against

I thought
I would feel warm
The way you feel
The ocean
Sitting on the sand

I reached
All the same
Only to find
The hope I sought to catch
Was rattling
My rib cage
Laura Nov 13
I placed a rose
In domed glass
I called it mine
I smiled
In the dim
Of the shallow light
I let in

I willed this rose
Stay beautiful
For me
I watched it wilt
When it dried
The petals
Lay beside
Stem left
Thorns dull
With disdain
I blamed the rose

I plucked another
Replacing my shame
I thought

Till it happened again
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